Design Investigation of Extreme High Pressure, High Temperature (XHPHT), Subsurface Safety Values (SSSV) (07121-1603c)

Rice University - Principal Investigator:  Ed Akin

Objective:  Regulations require the deployment of a SCSSV in Offshore wells. Current SCSSV designs are not available for XHPHT conditions. Rice University graduate students have been challenged to develop a SCSSV for a 5.5" x 30,000 psi WP at elevated temperature of 450o F in this project.
Period of Performance:  October 16, 2008 to October 15, 2010

NETL Fact Sheet
  • Final Report (3.1 MB)
  • Interim Report 1 - Design Study of a Flapper Style SSSV for XHPHT Applications, Xiaoge Gan, November 2009 (5 MB)
  • Interim Report 2 - Design Study of a Hemiwedge Style SSSV for XHPHT Applications, Joel Martin, December 2009 (7 MB)