Near Miscible CO2 Application to Improve Oil Recovery for Small Producers (07123-03)

The University of Kansas - Principal Investigator:  Jyun Syung Tsau

Objective:  This project seeks to demonstrate that “near miscible” carbon dioxide (CO2) flooding, where CO2 is injected at pressures below the minimum miscibility pressure (MMP) can result in incremental oil production.  Many reservoirs operated by small producers are at shallow depths below the MMP and have not generally been considered to be good candidates for CO2 injection. The application of CO2 injection at near miscible conditions may lead to development of CO2 projects by small producers in reservoirs where the MMP is not attainable at current operating reservoir pressures, in particular, the Arbuckle Formation of Kansas.
Period of Performance:  May 21, 2008 to October 31, 2010

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