Riserless Interventions System (RIS)

DTC International, Inc. - Principal Investigator:  Bill Parks

Objective:  The objectives of this project are to develop a Deepwater Riserless Intervention System (RIS) capable of conducting typical wireline interventions in water depths up to 10,000 feet, progress the design, establish the cost of conducting a typical wireline intervention using the RIS, verify the anticipated cost savings, develop a business case for commercialization, develop the RIS as part of a fully integrated Subsea Well Intervention System (SWIS) capable of conducting both riser—based and riserless Interventions, increase the maximum water depth rating to 12,000 feet and maximum pressure rating to 15,000 psi (with  potential upgrading to 20,000 psi) and maximum temperature rating to 300 °F (with potential upgrading to 350 °F), eliminate all down-lines from the intervention vessel except for the ROV deployment cable and all connections between the RIS and the intervention vessel and ROV, develop standardized interfaces between the RIS and subsea trees and offer these standardized interfaces to the subsea industry for adoption by the operators and/or standardization societies, and develop a business case for a SWIS “Tool Pool” including the RIS.
Period of Performance:  January 6, 2010 to April 6, 2012
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