Replacing Chemical Biocides with Targeted Bacteriophages in Deepwater Pipelines and Reservoirs

Phage Biocontrol, LLC. - Principal Investigator:  Dr. Neil Summer

Objective:  The objective of the project is to evaluate the use of bacteriophage, or phage, the natural viral predators of bacteria, in a focused approach to reduce the agents of microbially influenced corrosion of from the production wellhead to the refinery including pipelines. Phage are highly specific to their target bacteria and are harmless to any other cells, or nonā€targeted bacteria. Phage targeting problem bacteria can be injected at the head of the pipeline for long term biological control, thus reducing the environmental impact by negating the use of biocides for bacteria control.
Period of Performance:  January 21, 2010 to February 21, 2012
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