Enumerating Bacteria in Deepwater Pipelines in Real-Time and at a Negligible Marginal Cost per Analysis: A Proof of Concept Study

Livermore Instruments Inc. - Principal Investigator:  Dr. David P. Fergenson

Objective:  The objective of the project is to provide improved evaluation technology for identifying microbially‐influenced corrosion caused by bacteria producing iron sulfides that accumulate and block pipelines. Livermore Instruments will develop BioAerosol Mass Spectrometry (BAMS) technology to provide real time bioassays and conduct a laboratory demonstration of the enumeration and quantification of sulfate‐reducing bacteria (SRB) in real time, and determine the threshold application of sodium hypochlorite required to neutralize SRB in vitro.
Period of Performance:  January 25, 2010 to July 31, 2011
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