Active Ultra-Deepwater Program Projects

This list includes all of the active RPSEA Ultra-Deepwater program element projects with the project leaders.
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Project Number

Project Title

Project Leader

07121-1201 Wax Control in the Presence of Hydrates The University of Utah
07121-1301 Improvements to Deepwater Subsea Measurements Letton-Hall Group
07121-1401 Composite Riser for Ultra Deepwater High Pressure Wells Lincoln Composites Inc.
07121-1402b Ultra Deepwater Dry Tree System for Drilling and Production Houston Offshore Engineering
07121-1403 Fatigue Performance of High Strength Riser Materials in Sour Environments Southwest Research Institute
07121-1603b Hydrate Plug Characterization and Dissociation Strategies The University of Tulsa
07121-1603c Design Investigation of Extreme High Pressure, High Temperature (XHPHT), Subsurface Safety Valves (SSSV) Rice University
07121-1603d Robotic MFL Sensor for Monitoring and Inspection of Deepwater Risers Rice University
07121-1801 Effect of Global Warming on Hurricane Activity in the North Atlantic National Center for Atmospheric Research
07121-1901 Subsea Systems Engineering Integration GE Global Research
07121-1902 Deep Sea Hybrid Power System Houston Advanced Research Center
07121-2001 Geophysical Modeling for Studying Acquisition and Processing Methods in the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico SEAM Corporation
08121-1502-01 Coil Tubing Drilling and Intervention System Using Cost Effective Vessel Nautilus International, LLC
08121-2101-02 New Safety Barrier Testing Methods Southwest Research Institute
08121-2301-03 Riserless Intervention System DTC International
08121-2501-02 Early Reservoir Appraisal, Utilizing a Well Testing System Nautilus International, LLC
08121-2502-01 Modeling and Simulation of Managed Pressure Drilling for Improved Design, Risk Assessment, Training and Operations Stratamagnetic Software, LLC
08121-2701-03 Ultra-Deepwater Resources to Reserves Development and Acceleration Through Appraisal The University of Texas at Austin
08121-2801-02 GOMEX 3-D Operational Ocean Forecast System Pilot Project Portland State University
08121-2901-01 Ultra-reliable Deepwater Electrical Power Distribution System and Power Components GE Global Research
08121-2902-02 Technologies of the Future for Pipeline Monitoring and Inspection The University of Tulsa   
08121-2902-03 Wireless Subsea Communications Systems GE Global Research
08121-2902-04 Replacing Chemical Biocides with Targeted Bacteriophages in Deepwater Pipelines and Reservoirs Phage Biocontrol, LLC
08121-2902-06 Enumerating Bacteria in Deepwater Pipelines in Real-Time at a Negligible Marginal Cost Per Analysis:  A Proof of Concept Study Livermore Instruments Inc.
08121-2902-07 Fiber Containing Sweep Fluids for Ultra-Deepwater Drilling Applications The University of Oklahoma
09121-3001 A 1,000 Level Drill Pipe Deployed Fiber Optic 3C Receiver Array for Deep Boreholes Paulsson, Inc.
09121-3100-01 UDW Seabed Discharge of Produced Water and/or Solids Fluor Enterprises, Inc.
09121-3300-02 Displacement & Mixing in Subsea Jumpers Experimental Data and CFD Simulations The University of Tulsa
09121-3300-05 Autonomous Inspection of Subsea Facilities Lockheed Martin
09121-3300-06 High Resolution 3D Laser Imaging for Inpsection, Maintenance, Repair and Operations 3D at Depth, LLC
09121-3300-08 Sensors and Processing for Pipe, Riser, Structure, and Equipment Inspection to Provide Detailed Measurements, Corrosion Detecton, Leak Detection, and/or Detection of Heat Plumes from Degraded Pipeline Insulation Blueview Technologies Inc.
09121-3500-01 Intelligent Production System for Ultra Deepwater with Short Hop Wireless Power and Wireless Data Transfer for Lateral Production Control and Optimization Tubel LLC
09121-3500-07 Deepwater Subsea Test Tree and Intervention Riser System DTC International, Inc.
09121-3500-10 Gyroscope Guidance Sensor for Ultra-Deepwater Applications Laserlith Corporation