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Senate Bill 1310 - Victory for Pennsylvania Small Producers

The Pennsylvania Senate Bill 1310, approved on October 8 and headed to the House, is victory for the state's small producers burdened by regulations and low profits.  Senator Scott Hutchinson says the bill is to "empower" smaller, conventional oil and ...

Saudi Cuts the Price of Oil in Response to U.S. Production

In early October Saudi Arabia cut the price of oil it sells to the world market, bringing the international price to below $90. Saudi Arabia feels threatened by the huge surplus of oil produced in the U.S. even though very ...

Well Intervention Up in GOM

High flow rates and in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico's 1474 producing natural gas wells and the use of sub-sea operations are providing strong incentives to explore and develop deepwater GOM leases.  The GOB well intervention market is expected to ...

Mexico Opens Undiscovered Resources to Foreign Companies

In August, Mexico's President ended the Pemex monopoly on drilling. Pemex will keep 83% of proven reserves, but key international oil and gas companies including ExxonMobil and Chevron will be allowed to explore and invest in new resources. The U. ...

World Shale Oil & Gas Summit

The 5th World Shale Oil & Gas Summit will be held in Dallas, TX November 4-7, 2014. Distinguished experts will address the latest shale development trends, industry best practices and key drivers in the 2015 World shale energy outlook.

Rig Count in Bakken Reaches 2 Year High

Recent forecasts, that North Dakota's output from the Bakken will reach 2 million barrels per day  for 2014, has given operators confidence and increased the number of rigs to the highest level since October 2012.  The rig count targeting the ...

EOR Redevelopment of New Mexico Oilfields

Enhanced Oil Resources, Inc and Schlumberger announced a partnership to redevelopment Milnesand and Chaveroo oil fields in Chaves and Roosevelt counties, NM. Schlumberger will conduct a 6 month study to determine the best EOR approach for the old fields.

Underwater Fracking Proposed for the North Sea

Scottish Business group N56 announced at URTeC in late August plans to export hydraulic fracturing technologies underwater to the Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay Formation. Other European and U.S. companies will be watching the "potential game changer" technology closely.

2014 RPSEA Ultra-Deepwater Technology Conference - September 3-4, 2014

The RPSEA Ultra-Deepwater Program conducts research that targets technologies that are beneficial to offshore operators working in the Gulf of Mexico and other deepwater environments. The annual RPSEA UDW conference will be in Houston, Texas at the Norris City Center ...