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2014 RPSEA Ultra-Deepwater Technology Conference - September 3-4, 2014

The RPSEA Ultra-Deepwater Program conducts research that targets technologies that are beneficial to offshore operators working in the Gulf of Mexico and other deepwater environments. The annual RPSEA UDW conference will be in Houston, Texas at the Norris City Center ...

Statoil Starts Up Gudrun Field

Statoil ASA and its partners announced Monday the start-up of the Gudrun oil and gas field in the Norwegian North Sea. More

Science Crossing Borders

The now-dry Colorado River delta was once a thriving wetland ecosystem, teeming with wildlife. It was a treasured resource shared by both the U.S. and Mexico where water and sediment delivered from the Colorado River reached the Gulf of California. More

Study Touts Benefits of Wood Pellets for Energy

Using wood pellets for fuel in southwestern Wisconsin could save millions of dollars a year in energy costs, slash carbon dioxide emissions and create at least 80 jobs, according to a study. More

Inspiring Women in Science

USGS celebrates women in science by honoring past achievements and inspiring youth into the future. More

Texas Producing 36 Percent of US Crude

More than one of every three barrels of U.S. crude is pumped in Texas, according to the latest monthly figures from the federal Energy Information Administration. More

Industry Marks Milestone for Hydraulic Fracturing

The oil and gas industry is launching a social media campaign to promote hydraulic fracturing by highlighting Monday as the hotly debated technology’s 65th birthday. More

Loss Of Production Tax Credits Brings Big Wind Chill To Cooling Subsidy-Dependent Market

Unsurprisingly, President Obama didn’t let Congress’s decision to finally end Production Tax Credits let the air out of his breezy wind power subsidy agenda. More

Workforce Housing in Oil, Gas as a Recruitment, Retention Strategy

As the search for natural resources takes the industry to remote locations and developing areas – while creating thousands of new jobs and rapid economic growth – the demand for quality workforce housing intensifies. More