First U.S. Offshore Wind Farm

Deepwater Wind began installing the foundation for the first U.S. commercial offshore wind farm on July 27, 2015 in Rhode Island. The 30-megawatt wind farm included five turbines and is located three miles off the coast of Brock Island, Rhode Island. Jeffrey Grybowski, Deepwater Wind's CEO said, "Our belief is once Block Island is up and running, it will bring offshore wind from theory to reality in the United States and open up opportunities to build larger projects." Offshore wind projects number over 2,500 in Europe and have been in use since the 1990's. "Block Island was chosen as a wind power site by the state in 2007 in part as a solution to the island's own energy woes: its 1,000 residents have for years relied on costly diesel-fired generators for electricity. Once the wind farm starts up, prices will drop 40 percent."