Global Unconventional Gas 2010: Unlocking Your Potential

Unconventional gas provides abundant, affordable, and cleaner-burning energy to a world demanding stable energy prices, security, and solutions to the climate challenge. Advances in technology have enabled these “new” resources to be developed economically in the United States — now supplying over 40% of total U.S. production and expected to supply well over 50% by 2020. The transfer of knowledge combined with new technology and processes tailored to specific resource plays will be essential to developing unconventional gas in other regions of the world.

Global Unconventional Gas 2010: Unlocking Your Potential is the world’s premier international conference and workshop designed to transfer knowledge and best practices gained in the U.S. Energy professionals and stakeholders will hear from top U.S. and international experts about the enormous potential of gas shale and other unconventional gas resources across the globe and learn about the latest issues, approaches, processes and technologies key to unlocking the resources in their own countries.
Who will be there—
·         E&P Managers
·         Engineers
·         Geologists
·         Investors
·         Policy Makers
·         Officials
Conference highlights you won't want to miss—
·         Dynamic keynote addresses on the role of unconventional gas in a sustainable global energy mix and what additional gas supplies make possible in terms of demand
·         Presentations from leading E&P and service companies addressing key issues associated with resource development
·         Candid, interactive panel discussions about opportunities and insights into key global and U.S. shale plays
·         A learning workshop to review current and developing technologies
·         A Welcome Reception, luncheons, and refreshment breaks, where you'll share views and experiences with world leaders in unconventional gas resource development.
Hear keynote presentations and perspectives from—
·         Aubrey K. McClendon, Chairman and CEO, Chesapeake Energy Corporation
·         Dr. Abdul Rahim Hashim, President, IGU
·         Christopher Flavin, President, Worldwatch Institute
·         Chris Smith, Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy
·         Leading shale technology, resource, and business experts
·         Prominent European and global energy officials
What you'll gain—
·         A real-time perspective on the global prospects for unconventional gas
·         Proven approaches to accelerated unconventional resource development
·         Resources and techniques to effectively address technology challenges
·         Knowledge and connections to leading and emerging industry players

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