Potential Gas Committee Report Released

The Potential Gas Committee (PGC) report released in June 2009 indicates the United States has a total resource base of 1,836 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of technically recoverable resource, a sharp jump from the last estimate two years ago of 1,321 Tcf and the highest in the group's 44-year history. 

Darrell Pierce, the Chairman of the PGC Board of Directors, serves on the RPSEA Unconventional Resources Project Advisory Committee providing important coordination between the two organizations.  The results of the recent report underscores the importance of the United States natural gas endowment and the role it can play in our energy future.  The report highlights the effects of new technology, in particular its impact on unconventional resources such as gas shales.  RPSEA will be utilizing information from the report to help guide its ongoing research program for further development of unconventional gas resources.        
Please click here to view the report.
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