PRESS RELEASE: Project Undertakes Deepwater Production Measurement Gaps

The Oil & Gas Journal highlights a RPSEA-funded project that the Letton-Hall Group was awarded last year in the June 2009 issue.

A new joint interest research project aims to improve production measurements from deepwater fields. 

The Letton-Hal] Group, Houston, received a contract from the nonprofit Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA) for the project. 

"'This project is significant because, if successful, it will clear the way to more affordable, more realistic deepwater production," says Jim Chitwood with RPSEA. 

"The current situation in deepwater exploration is that often companies may drill several deepwater wells and commingle their production. Measuring the flow from each well and allocating the oil and gas production is a big issue at those depths," he says. 

Jim Hall, cofounder in the Letton-Hall Group, told OGJ that the project came into effect on Nov. l, 2008, with work starting in February 2009. 

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Author: Guntis Moritis
Category: rpsea in the news