PRESS RELEASE: RPSEA Board Elects John Warren, Jr. as New Chair

The RPSEA Board of Directors elected John P. Warren, Jr., Legal Area Manager at Petrobras America, Inc., as the Board of Directors Chair effective June 30, 2011. Warren succeeds Dr. Stephen A. Holditch, head of the Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University, who completed a two-year term. The organizational bylaws stipulate that the chair position alternate between industry and academia every two years.

On the newly elected chair, RPSEA President Dr. Robert W. Siegfried II commented “John Warren has been involved with RPSEA since the early days, when his legal expertise was freely given to help us ensure that we had governance documents that reflected the unique partnership envisioned by the founding members of RPSEA. He has been a valuable member of the RPSEA Board, and we welcome his leadership as we move forward. We also wish to express our gratitude for the capable leadership of Dr. Steve Holditch of Texas A&M University over the last two years. Steve is a visionary leader within the oil and gas technology community. RPSEA has benefitted greatly from his leadership over the last two years, and we look forward to his continued participation as a member of the Board of Directors.”

Warren is responsible for legal matters related to upstream, downstream, procurement, litigation and other corporate activities. He is also responsible for corporate governance and compliance and its subsidiaries. As part of his upstream responsibilities, he advises on various aspects of work in the Gulf of Mexico, including deep water and ultra-deepwater exploration and production. Prior to joining Petrobras America, Inc., Warren was responsible for research commercialization at the University of Houston System, where he was part of the original team that helped establish RPSEA and specifically the policies related to intellectual property and procurement.

“We have learned during the past year that we face many technical challenges in the ultra-deepwater environment and in developing our natural gas and oil in unconventional resources,” Warren said. “RPSEA has the organization and membership to objectively address many of these issues through our public/private partnership. RPSEA effectively brings together the best talents in a large group of industry, technical institutes, laboratories, universities and government to address some of the more basic research challenges in an effort to improve the efficiency and safety of extracting the energy we need for the future. This is an opportunity for me to help move this essential task forward for the long-term energy health of our nation.”

Please join RPSEA in extending our appreciation to outgoing Board Chair Dr. Steve Holditch for his contributions the past two years and congratulating John Warren on the position!


Danette Mozisek
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