PRESS RELEASE: RPSEA Vice-President of Technical Programs testifies in front of the House Committee on Science and Technology

RPSEA is and has been actively involved in the call for action on the tragic DeepWater Horizon incident since its occurrence. RPSEA is working on several fronts to determine needs and develop proposals for R&D, both public and private, to prevent and respond to incidents such as this.

RPSEA Board Member Dr. Rich Haut and RPSEA Vice President of Technical Programs James Pappas have now both testified before Congress on this topic. In the following link, Mr. Pappas’ testimony begins at 14:30, but prior to that there is a very informative statement by Rep. Ralph Hall regarding the Section 999 program.

Click here to view the testimony from Wednesday's hearing.

Click here to view the written statement.

Click here to view Oil&Gas Journal's article on the hearing. 
Danette Mozisek
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