US Department of Energy Job Opening

Senior Executive Service (SES) position of Director, Office of Research, ES-801, in the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Oil and Natural Gas, U.S. Department of Energy, located in Washington, D.C. Complete Senior Executive Service Announcement:

The US Department of Energy announced its search for a Senior Executive Service (SES) position of Director within the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Oil and Natural Gas in Washington, D.C.

Within the Department of Energy, the Office of Fossil Energy (FE) plays a key role in helping the United States meet its continually growing need for secure, reasonably priced and environmentally sound fossil energy supplies. Put simply, FE’s primary mission is to ensure the nation can continue to rely on traditional resources for clean, secure and affordable energy while enhancing environmental protection.

The Office Director is responsible for leading, implementing, and advancing research and development (R&D) programs related to the environmentally prudent development and delivery of oil and natural gas. The Director administers strategic program planning, as well as independent analysis of oil and natural gas R&D programs and policies. R&D programs promote coordination and cooperation of research and development on unconventional oil and natural gas and offshore spill prevention with other Federal Agencies, States, universities, and public and private organizations.