IHS CERAWEEK Energy Conference

CERAWeek 2014, presented by IHS Energy, will focus on the accelerating pace of change in energy markets, technologies, and geopolitics—and the emerging competitive playing field. The competitive landscape is evolving rapidly, affecting countries, companies, sources of supply, fuels for end-use markets, investment, logistics, human capital, and technological innovation. Companies face considerable risk as they seek to invest to support long-term growth.

Such rapid change raises urgent questions. What will be the future of the “Age of Unconventionals,” in North America and around the world? Where will the next supply hotspots be? Will natural gas win in the battle for market share in transportation, electric power, and other markets? What innovation models are emerging, and how might they change the game? How will changing patterns of global supply and demand affect geopolitics—and vice versa? What role will renewables play in an age of fiscal austerity? And in a hyperconnected world, how can the industry manage growing environmental expectations, engage stakeholders, and build the trust needed to secure a long-term social license to operate? Policymakers are responding as shifts in energy prices and availability create a crucible for national and regional economic competitiveness. Countries and companies around the world are recalibrating their strategies in the face of considerable uncertainty.

At CERAWeek, participants will explore emerging challenges and risks for producers and consumers. Together, we will look at how markets, geopolitics, regulations, and technologies are responding—and take on the strategic challenges of meeting the world’s growing energy needs.


Mon, Mar. 3 - Fri, Mar. 7, 2014
2 p.m. - 12:30 p.m.
(GMT-0600) America/Chicago


The Hilton-Americas
1600 Lamar St,
Houston 77010