RPSEA has established and managed an industry/education partnership with institutions of higher education where the most promising students with studies relevant to the oil and gas industry are competitively awarded fellowships to help with their education and/or research activities.  To date, RPSEA has awarded $555,000 in private funding. 

With designated financial resources supplied from RPSEA members Schlumberger Limited and Strata Production Company, RPSEA has awarded multiple fellowships to date to the following member universities:  Colorado School of Mines, Louisiana State University, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, Stanford University, Texas A&M University, The University of Texas at Austin, The University of Oklahoma and West Virginia University.


Fellowship Program Awards






Colorado School of Mines

Robert Amerman Stephanie Kristen Swaim Sarah Devriese Catherine Cox  
Olivia Harren David Wilson, Sr. Colin Melvin, Sr. John Worthy‚ÄźBlackwell  
Ira Pasternack        

Georgia Institute of Technology

Jeffrey McLean        

Louisiana State University

  Benjamin Mark Bates Lauren Nicole Fogarty Noah Scott McGill  
  Courtney Elizabeth Sample Joseph Jules Sabrier IV Peyton Keith Tippett  

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Lauren Killian        

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Techology

  Jesus Barraza Benjamin Dickinson William Barton Murphy Eric Angelos
  Rich Clark Garrett Wilson Todd Parks Kenneth Malone
        Kyle Pettigrew

Stanford University

Joe Voelker Gboyega Aveni Roshan Sumbaly Adeyemi Arogunmati  
  Jing Peng Zhouyuan Zhu Yifan Zhou  

Texas A&M University

Daniel Bean Sara Old Sanghoon Lee Kun Cheng  
  Yunan Wei Yunan Wei Yunan Wei  

University of California

Mason Dykstra        

University of Michigan

Ryan Hartman        
Kristofer Paso        

University of Oklahoma

  Gregory Dean Olugbemiga Segun Adjoke Alisan Templet Sweet  
  Oyetunde Oyewole Oyewo Emily Dixon Ashley Zumwalt  
    Quinn Flock    

University of Texas at Austin

  Donovan Kilmartin Matthew Prudhomme Walter Fair, Jr.  
  Kersten Wallace Kyle Tipley Kersten Wallace  

West Virginia University

  Matthew Imrich Ross Schweitzer Mohammed Ashfaq  
  Ryan Tyree Ryan Tyree Ahmed Yusuf