Navigation Editing Instructions

To edit the navigation for Program Elements
1. Go to the navigation editor: /en/contentmanagers/nav.asp
2. Towards the bottom, you'll see lines like this:
1    [  Contact Us  ]    /contact/ class="mainnav"
1    [  Program Elements  ]    /en/cms/?199 class="topnav"
1    [  On Shore Program  ]    /en/cms/?199 class="topnav"
1    [  Off Shore Program  ]    /en/cms/?200 class="topnav"
1    [  Small Producer Pgrm  ]    /en/cms/?201 class="topnav"
1    [  Program test  ]    /en/cms/?199 class="proex"
3. classes control what is being shown or not 
Mainnav - controls the left navigation on all pages
Topnav - controls the top navigation on the program elements pages
Proex - controls the left navigation items on the program elements pages
4. To add more pages simply copy and paste a line and change the elements in the line like this:
1    [  Program test  ]    /en/cms/?199 class="proex"
1    [  new page  ]    /en/cms/?220 class="proex"
This will add a nav item to the left side on program elements pages.