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Small Producer Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Small Producer Program receives guidance from the Small Producer Program Advisory Commitee (PAC) consisting of industry and academic representatives that are closely tied to the national small producer community. The PAC reviews proposals, makes project selection recommendations, and follows each selected project’s progress, plans, results, and especially, technology transfer. 

Jeff Harvard - Small Producer Producer Advisory Committee Chair
Harvard Petroleum Company, LLC

Cheryl Desforges
Sabco Oil and Gas Company

Dr. Iraj Ershaghi
University of Southern California

Thomas Gill
Gunnison Energy Corporation

Robert Kiker
Robert D. Kiker, Inc.

Dr. Doug Patchen
West Virginia University

Brook Phifer
NiCo Resources, LLC

Dr. W. Lynn Watney
The University of Kansas

Kevin Weller
Mesa Energy Partners, LLC

Chandra Nautiyal (Ex-Officio)
National Energy Technology Laboratory

Eric Smistad (Ex-Officio)
National Energy Technology Laboratory