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Prospective Audience

Below is a targeted list of the RPSEA target Audiences:

  1. Asset Owners with need for new technology - Who?

    Facilities Engineers, Reservior Engineers, Technologist, member of company in need. Area of pain that needs solving - target 32 theme areas.

    Web search.....32 theme areas for ultra deep water. Technology focus targeting facilites engineers for ultra deep water. (15 to 20 pages of 32 themed areas)

    Solicit for problems to solve for RFPs

  2. Technology Developers - Who?

    Looking for money. Funding. Support. Customers

    Channel Distribution Partners - Attending events is number one priority.

    Submit proposals for RFPS

    1. Universities,
    2. Service Companies,
    3. Private Research organizations,
    4. Entreprenuers...
    5. Anyone that develops technologies.

  3. The Public

    Comment =  Poll - Survey - Moderated Feedback
    Source of data and information for energy. Link to sites that advocate natural gas. Big energy picture.

    1. Environment
    2. Safety
    3. Sustainability
    4. ROI

  4. Prospective Members - technology developers / industrialists - Examples?

    What is the value proposition?
Attracted by:
  1. Calendars - event networking - hooking up needs with providers
  2. Dynamic Driven / Cool site - what displays this
  3. Forms??? - what are these
  4. News items contained in site -  Presentations, agendas, forums, speaking/podcasts
  5. Project updates
  6. RFP solicitations
  7. Problem solicitations