2007 Ultra-Deepwater

Hydrate Plug Characterization and Dissociation Strategies

Subcontractor: The University of Tulsa

Principal Investigator: Michael Volk
Project Number Project Status
07121-1603b Completed
RPSEA Project Manager: James Pappas
BP America, Inc.
Period of Performance
Start Date End Date
September 22, 2008 September 21, 2010
Total Project Cost RPSEA Share Cost Share
$181,719.00 $120,000.00 $61,719.00
Project Objectives

The University of Tulsa is performing hydrate formation and plug characterization in their unique testing facilities. The data will be used to benchmark predictive models both for the formation of plugs and for their disassociation. This information quickly migrates to the field for application to current needs.

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File Type Date
Hydrate Plug Characterization & Dissociation Strategies ( 1.8 MB ) Final Report 04/11