2009 Small Producer

Characterization of Potential Sites for Near Miscible CO2 Applications to Improve Oil Recovery in Arbuckle Reservoirs

Subcontractor: The University of Kansas Center for Research

Principal Investigator: Jyung-Sung Tsau
Project Number Project Status
09123-18 Active
RPSEA Project Manager: Martha Cather
Kansas Geological Society
Period of Performance
Start Date End Date
February 10, 2011 September 20, 2014
Total Project Cost RPSEA Share Cost Share
$759,177.00 $597,768.00 $153,817.00
Project Objectives

The goal of this project is to aid in the prediction of improved oil recovery using a near-miscible CO2 flood in the Arbuckle formation. The evaluation plan will seek data that pertain to the pressure, residual oil saturation, reservoir properties and the nature of the flow from well to well. Single well transient pressure tests, multiple well interference tests, single well tracer tests, and interwell tracer tests will be conducted. All tests will be designed to determine the nature of the flow paths and average properties in the reservoir, to assess the effect of geology on process performance, to calibrate a reservoir simulation model, and to identify operational issues and concerns for future IOR applications.

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