2010 Ultra-Deepwater

Deepwater Reverse-Circulation Primary Cementing

Subcontractor: CSI Technologies, LLC

Principal Investigator: Jeff Watters
Project Number Project Status
10121-4502-01 Completed
RPSEA Project Manager: Bill Head
The University of Houston; Weatherford International
Period of Performance
Start Date End Date
June 22, 2012 September 21, 2014
Total Project Cost RPSEA Share Cost Share
$1,138,519.00 $831,400.00 $295,733.00
Project Objectives

The objectives of this proposed project are to assess the viability of performing Reverse-Circulation Primary Cementing (RCPC) to reduce circulation pressure requirements for deepwater wells, to determine required technology to apply RCPC for deepwater wells, and to present development strategies for required technologies. If RCPC appears to be feasible for deepwater applications, the concept will be expanded into operational plans to perform deepwater RCPC to illustrate benefits derived from successful implementation. These plans will include contingency operations to cover potential situations that might necessitate plan alternatives.


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Deepwater Reverse-Circulation Primary Cementing ( 4.8 MB ) Final Report 09/14
Title: Reverse-Circulation Cementing of Offshore Hydrocarbon Wells: A Simulation Study - 12/13 ( 867.3 KB )
Title: Deepwater Reverse Circulation Primary Cementing - 01/14 ( 365.5 KB )
Title: Deepwater Reverse-Circulation Primary Cementing - 01/13 ( 767.9 KB )
Title: Paper: Deepwater Reverse-Circulation Primary Cementing: Applicability and Technical Path Forward for Implementation - 05/14 ( 725.5 KB )
Title: Deepwater Reverse-Circulation Primary Cementing - 11/13 ( 475.9 KB )
Title: FINAL PRESENTATION: Deepwater Reverse-Circulation Primary Cementing - 09/14 ( 1.2 MB )
Title: Deepwater Reverse Circulation Primary Cementing - 09/14 ( 822.4 KB )
Title: RCPC Holds Promise for Deep Water - 02/13
Download ( 3.6 MB )
Title: Reliability is key to developing deepwater RCPC - 03/14
URL : http://www.epmag.com/item/print/Reliability-key-developing-deepwater-RCPC_129670
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