2010 Ultra-Deepwater

Effect of Climate Variability and Change in Hurricane Activity in the North Atlantic

Subcontractor: University Corporation for Atmospheric Research-UCAR

Principal Investigator: Greg Holland
Project Number Project Status
10121-4802-01 Active
RPSEA Project Manager: Don Richardson
Chevron Energy Technology Company, Willis Re
Period of Performance
Start Date End Date
July 3, 2012 July 2, 2015
Total Project Cost RPSEA Share Cost Share
$1,800,000.00 $1,422,000.00 $360,000.00
Project Objectives

The overall objective of this work is to help provide better planning guidelines to enable improved design of structures and operating procedures that will provide more efficient future oil and gas production and aid in the minimization of environmental and safety risks.

The immediate goal of this project is to provide industry with credible projections of future hurricane activity in the Gulf of Mexico together with an assessment of direct impacts on safety, environmental risk and production.

RPSEA Project Fact Sheet: Download 228.8 KB