2011 Ultra-Deepwater

Intelligent BOP RAM Actuation Sensor Systems

Subcontractor: GE Global Research

Principal Investigator: Emad Andarawis
Project Number Project Status
11121-5503-01 Completed
RPSEA Project Manager: Bill Fincham
Period of Performance
Start Date End Date
October 4, 2013 July 4, 2016
Total Project Cost RPSEA Share Cost Share
$1,392,380.00 $1,099,980.00 $278,476.00
Project Objectives

Design and development of an instrumented BOP ram prototype and laboratory testing. The technology development will be conducted in five stage gates within two phases:  

  • A system feasibility determination, gaps analysis, and a risk assessment will be conducted, followed by technology selection (TRL0).

Instrumentation will be conceptualized and reviewed (TRL1), designed (TRL2), a prototype will be constructed and bench scale tested (TRL3-4), followed by review with BSEE and API, and development of a commercialization plan. 


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RPSEA Project Fact Sheet: Download 305.0 KB
File Type Date
Intelligent BOP RAM Actuation Sensor System ( 725.9 KB ) Phase 1 Technical Report 06/14
Intelligent BOP RAM Actuation Sensor System ( 1.2 MB ) Phase 1 Final Report 09/14
BOP Ram Sensing and Interface Concept Rationale ( 826.7 KB ) Technical Report 11/14
Sensor Integration Concept Rationale ( 796.5 KB ) Technical Report 11/14
Title: PHASE 1 FINAL PRESENTATION: Intelligent BOP RAM Actuation Sensor Systems - 07/14 ( 1.4 MB )
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