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A Portable, Two Stage, Antifouling Hollow Fiber Membrane Nanofiltration Process for the Cost-Effective Treatment of Produced Water

2012 Small Producer

Project Number: 12123-16 Project Status: completed
Start Date: June 5, 2014 End Date: June 4, 2016
RPSEA PM: Joe Renk Principal Investigator: Jianjia Yu
Subcontractor: New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Project Objectives:

The overall objective of this project is to develop and demonstrate the performance and cost-effectiveness of the portable Two-Stage, Antifouling Hollow Fiber Membrane (TS-af-HFM) nanofiltration process to convert produced water into a clean water product for a reused fluid or direct discharge.  

Water Treatment System for Effective Acid Mine Drainage Water Use in Hydraulic Fracturing

2012 Small Producer

Project Number: 12123-18 Project Status: active
Start Date: July 11, 2014 End Date: Aug. 31, 2016
RPSEA PM: David Cercone Principal Investigator: James Peters
Subcontractor: PPG Industries (DBA Monroeville Chemicals Center)
Project Objectives:

The objective is to develop and field test a new water treatment system that economically processes both sulfate-rich acid mine drainage water and resulting flowback and produced waters to make them suitable for use in hydraulic fracturing. The project will develop 1) a novel ion exchange membrane and water treatment process capable of reducing sulfates to no more than 500 ppm at bench-scale influent flow rates of 1-5 gal/min, and 2) filter cartridges, skids, and system maintenance processes for the new system that generates water with sulfate concentrations of no more than 500 ppm as tested against API standard RP 45 for oil field waters, at intermediate scale influent flow rates of 10-50 gal/min. This design will be optimized so that one, non-specialized laborer can operate and maintain the system. This design will undergo field validation of the efficacy and ease of use of the new treatment process. The field tests will be conducted at drilling locations at targeted influent flow rates of 400-500 gal/min.

Reducing the Impacts of Deterioration of Cement Integrity on Small Producers

2012 Small Producer

Project Number: 12123-42 Project Status: active
Start Date: June 18, 2014 End Date: Sept. 17, 2016
RPSEA PM: Rob Vagnetti Principal Investigator: Rouzbeh Shahsavari
Subcontractor: Rice University
Project Objectives:

The objective of this project is to develop a new technology to control, design and characterize a superior oil well cement with unprecedented physiochemical properties. The proof-of-concept prototype will be tested against API standards to ensure technical and economic viability. This work is expected to significantly contribute to cost-efficiency and risk reduction over the productive life of the wells while improving the overall environmental safety and protection for Small Producers specifically, and unconventional and deep-water producers generally.

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