RPSEA 2009 Ultra-Deepwater Project Idea/Problem Statement Submission Form Guidelines

The RPSEA Ultra-Deepwater program is soliciting input for the development of the 2009 Annual Plan in the form of requests for project ideas and/or problem statements. The 2009 program will focus on six high level ultra-deepwater Gulf of Mexico needs as listed:

RPSEA 2009 Ultra-Deepwater (UDW) Program Needs:
  • Drilling, completion and intervention breakthroughs
  •  Appraisal & development geoscience and reservoir engineering
  • Significantly extend subsea tieback distances & surface host elimination
  • Dry trees and risers (wet or dry tree) in 10,000’ wd
  • Economic small field (~100 mmboe) developments
  • Continuous improvement / optimize field development
    • Per wellbore recovery
    • Cost reduction
    • Reliability improvements
    • Efficiency improvements
These needs are further defined by detailed challenges which are detailed in the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation attached. All project ideas and problem statements will need to address one or more of the listed challenges.

Also attached is the form required for project idea and/or problem statement submission. Standardized form submission instructions are embedded inside the form itself in addition to the instructions below.

Please note that the project ideas and/or problem statements solicitation is not a request for proposals. Selected project ideas and/or problem statements will be expanded and further developed into requests for proposals and subject to open bidding in 2009. No confidential information should be included in the project ideas and/or problem statements submitted.

 2009 Request for Annual Plan Input Presentation click here
Project Idea Form 2009 Excel Spreadsheet click here

 For a printable version of these Guidelines please click here

 A standardized submission form is used to ensure that proposed technology is aligned with RPSEA’s Annual Plan and enables a comparative evaluation of competing project ideas and problem statements. The form is to be completed before a potential project idea or problem statement will be considered for funding by the RPSEA Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) or the Program Advisory Committee (PAC). The form will be used to evaluate the comparative merits of each proposed project idea or problem statement. The completed form should:

• Define the technology or regulatory need
• Identify the business need for the technology and the “challenge” addressed
• Quantify the value of the technology
• Summarize the deliverables and work plan for accomplishing the objectives
• Forecast the budget based upon manpower, equipment and expense requirements 

Please do not include confidential information on the form.

Specific details regarding each form input cell are illustrated below:

Select Technical Advisory Committee (TAC(s)):
 Identify the TAC(s) or discipline which should evaluate the project idea or problem statement. Use the scroll button and select (highlight) the committee(s) you wish to submit the project idea.

UDW Project Idea No.: To be completed by RPSEA staff.

Project Title: Self Explanatory.

Submitted by:  Enter the name(s) that submitted the project idea; include company/academia name, phone and email address for each individual.

Potential Operator/Representative/Champion (if known):  The RPSEA member Operating Company individual that will sponsor the project and have accountability for its deliverables. A Champion is not required for project idea or problem statement submission. The Project Champion is a subject matter expert who has a direct interest in advancing the technology impacted by project idea or problem statement. The Project Champion adds further value by bringing an end-user perspective to the development of the technology, ensuring the technology developed meets industry needs. This ultimately translates to more rapid new technology deployment.

Project Abstract/Objective:  A brief statement on the purpose of the project idea or problem statement, what it will accomplish, specific objectives, and how it will achieve the above stated business incentive. The objectives should also show a linkage to the RPSEA 2009 UDW Challenges.

Background and Business Incentive to Invest: A brief description of the project idea or problem statement and the need for the work to support why RPSEA should invest in the technology. Define whether the project idea or problem statement should be defined as enabling, enhancing, or “science” project. 
• Science is R&D to mature the technology
• Enabling technology is technology that allows something to be done that previously could not
• Enhancing technology is technology that allows something to be done better, quicker or more economically

Scope of Work:  This will be used to define not only the extent of the work that will be covered, but its limits as well. Define the work that will be done to achieve the deliverables, including, sub tasks.

Anticipated Deliverables: What should be the tangible deliverables of the project? How will you know when the project is complete?

Project Value:  Define the value of the project idea or problem statement so it can be compared against other proposed project ideas or problem statements. This is not meant to be an absolute measure of the value, but a value that can be used as a relative evaluation tool. The explanation and level of detail is largely left to the discretion of the project idea preparer. Where applicable articulate the value in terms of cost reduction, increase production or improved reliability and uncertainty reduction.
Estimated Cost and Schedule: Estimate the cost and schedule required to complete the work proposed by the project idea or problem statement. Sufficient detail should be provided to justify the estimate. Estimates can be based upon manpower, equipment and/or expense requirements.

Instructions on working with the project idea Excel form: To open the submission form, select “enable macros”. The form is password protected, but will allow you to work in required cells. If you wish to copy and paste data into a cell, you must double click in the cell and then paste. Please note that a notice may appear "AutoFit method of Range class failed." Please click "ok" and continue as this will not affect your entry.

Once you approach the headings highlighted in blue, five (5) rows are provided to enter data. There is only a certain amount of data that Excel will allow in a given cell, so the cells have been programmed to automatically shift data to the following row. Please do not include illustrations or graphics in this form—you will have an opportunity to present detailed information to the applicable UDW Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) – details below. Formulas have been placed in the project estimated total cost cell; please type in the amount numerically only (i.e., 500000). The dollar sign ($) and comma (,) will automatically appear once you click on the next cell.
If you have questions regarding the Project Idea Form, please email or call
Judy Mazzagatti at judyM@chevron.com - 713.372.2844
For technical questions, please email or call
Jim Chitwood at jimchitwood@chevron.com - 713.754.4513