RPSEA Past Forums

The past technical forums have been used by RPSEA as a vehicle to gather insight and input into those critical technology needs of a specific topic or area of importance to our members.  These presentations have been released exclusively for our members benefit and we ask that you give the author and organization credit if you use any part of a presentation.  
2008 Forums

Fracture in Devonian Black Shale of the Appalachian Basin Workshop

2007 Forums

Shale Plays, Technology, and Permian Basin Trends
Bakken Shale
Sea Floor Engineering
Unconventional Plays & Research Needs for Appalachian Basin Small Producers
Flow Assurance
Vortex Induced Vibrations
Small Producers
Produced Water
Shale Gas
Problem Identification
Tight Gas, Shale Gas & Coalbed Methane
Autonomous Intervention for Deepwater O&G Operations
Seismic E&P


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Past RPSEA Forums
Mid-Continent Gas Shales Forum 
Gas Technology Institute
Des Plaines, Illinois
June 3, 2009
Released Presentations
Thursday's presentations
Wednesday's presentations
International Coalbed & Shale Symposium RPSEA Forum
The University of Alabama/Bryant Conference Center
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
May 18--22, 2009
Attendance List
Released Presentations
Unconventional Gas Development in the Western Energy Corridor Forum
Hilton Garden Inn Idaho Falls
Idaho Falls, Idaho
May 12, 2009
Released Presentations
Small Producer Forum - Establishing RPSEA - Funded Initiatives
Courtyard by Marriott Wichita at Old Town
Wichita, Kansas
April 30, 2009  
CO2 Operations and Opportunities to Advance Technology for Mature Fields Forum
AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center 
Austin, Texas
February 2, 2009
Released Presentations
  • Moore, Nobel Concepts for the Compression and Transportation of Large Volumes of CO2

Long-Term Environmental Vision for Ultra-Deepwater Exploration and Production Research Forum

Houston Advanced Research Center
The Woodlands, Texas
November 20, 2008 
Discussions and Breakout Sessions
Low Impact Oil & Gas Operations in Environmentally Sensitive Areas Forum 
Texas A&M University Department of Petroleum Engineering
Richardson Petroleum Engineering Building, Texas A&M University
May 30, 2008 

Released Presentations

RPSEA Forum at the 2008 International Coalbed & Shale Gas Symposium 
University of Alabama
Bryant Conference Center, University of Alabama
May 21, 2008 

Released Presentations
Technologies for Mitigation of Environmental Impact of Rocky Mountain Unconventional Oil and Gas Operations Forum  
Colorado School of Mines
Ballroom A, Ben H. Parker Student Center, Colorado School of Mines
May 12, 2008 
Released Presentations
CO2 EOR with Carbon Sequestration 
Bureau of Economic Geology, Chevron, Gulf Coast Carbon Center & The Wyoming Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute
Hilton Austin
April 23, 2008 
Released Presentations
Alaskan Unconventional Gas Resource Forum
University of Alaska Fairbanks
BP Energy Center in Anchorage, Alaska
April 7, 2008 
Released Presentations
Fracture in Devonian Black Shale of the Appalachian Basin Workshop
PTTC Appalachian Region, Appalachian Geological Society, and RPSEA
National Research Center for Coal & Energy
Evansdale Campus of West Virginia University
January 8-9, 2008

 Shale Plays, Technology, and Permian Basin Trends

Midland College and the SPE Permian Basin Section
Midland College Scharbauer Student Center

November 29, 2007

The Bakken Shale Forum

University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center


Seafloor Engineering Forum

Texas A&M & General Electric


March 9, 2007

Attendance List

Released Presentations
Discussion and Breakout Sessions
Flow Assurance Forum
University of Tulsa & Halliburton
February 8, 2007
Released Presentations

Vortex Induced Vibrations Forum
Chevron & Massachusetts Institute of Technology
January 11, 2007
Attendance List

Released Presentations
Intro presentation
Ming, Energy Policy Act
Oakley,Operations Viewpoint
Triantafyllou, Aademia, Lab Data Viewpoint
Vandiver, Academia, Field Data
Howells, Harmonics
Larsen, VIV Research
Skaugset, Research Effort
Tognarelli, Testing, Monitoring

Small Producer Forum
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
December 15, 2006
Produced Water Forum
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
December 14, 2006

Produced Water Needs Assessment 

Shale Gas Forum
University of Oklahoma
December 5, 2006
Attendance List

Problem Identification Forum
University of Southern California
November 29, 2006
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Released Presentations
Akkutlu, Enhanced Recovery: Air Injection Potential
Dandekar, R and D at the University of Alaska Fairbanks
Grace, Deep-water Exploration
Grecco, Deep-water Technology Needs
Jessen, Enhanced Recovery by CO2 Injection
Jochen, New Technology Needs to Produce Unconventional Gas
Kovscek, Enhanced Recovery of CBM and Heavy Hydrocarbons
Mansfeld, Corrosion
Ming, Energy Policy Act
Mork, Unconventional Resource Challenges
Nutt, Composites for Deepwater
Perry, Moving from Deepwater and Subsea into Ultra-deepwater
Sahimi and Tsotsis, Producing CBM with Simultaneous CO2 Sequestration
Sahimi, Heavy Oil Recovery by Steam Injection
Shuler, Enhanced Recovery Opportunities and Challenges for Chemical EOR
Sweatman, Drilling Trouble Zones
Will, Remote Operations
Ziegler, Enhanced Recovery: an Operator's Perspective

Tight Gas, Shale Gas & Coalbed Methane Forum
Colorado School of Mines
November 14, 2006
Attendance List

Autonomous Intervention for Deepwater O&G Operations Forum 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Schlumberger
October 31, 2006
Released Presentations
Seismic E&P Forum
University ofHouston
October 10, 2006