RPSEA Upcoming Forums

Forum Purposes and Benefits

Sharing ideas, progress and meeting new people are critical elements for the success of the RPSEA partnership.  Therefore, we host forums/conferences on key strategic topics, and we encourage attendance at industry conferences, whose topics cover areas related to the broad scope of issues aligned with RPSEA's vision of increasing the domestic energy supply.
One of the unique aspects of RPSEA is an annual focusing of the specific challenges and technology needs for resource themes.  RPSEA, in conjunction with other organizations or alone with our member institutions, has held various meetings across the United States where theme-based technical experts from universities, service providers, producers/operators, and others within the oil and gas industry can present and discuss technical topics that address specific research and development perspectives.  This broad-based perspective is important as different oil and gas industry communities have different perspectives and needs requirements.  The process allows the meeting participants to prioritize those ideas they they feel should be addressed through the Program managed by RPSEA.  To date, 1,000 people have participated in the RPSEA member forums.  This participation amounts to over 9,500 hours of participant commitment, not including the hours of commitment from the host organizations.

Generally, the forums will last for one day or less, have multiple speakers, possible panel discussions and question and answer sessions.  Seating is limited to keep all attending involved on a more personal level.