Small Producer Program Advisory Committee (SPAC)

Proposals submitted for the Small Producer Program are evaluated by the Small Producer Program Advisory Committee (SPAC), consisting of representatives of small producers operating in various geographic areas, as well as academics and researchers with experience working with small producers on topics related to the program theme. In addition to technical merit, alignment with program goals and capabilities of the proposer, the SPAC considers factors such as balance among technology time scales, diversity of technical approach and the geographic distribution of resources impacted when selecting projects intended to maximize the probability of meeting program goals.

The SPAC consists of the following members representing academia, small producers, researchers and the oil and gas community.

Mr. Jeff Harvard - Small Producer Program Advisory Committee Chair
Harvard Petroleum Company, LLC

Ms. Cheryl Desforges
Eagle Energy Acquistions, LP.
Dr. Iraj Ershaghi
University of Southern California
Tom Gill
Gunnison Energy Corporation
Bob Kiker
Robert D. Kiker Inc.
Dr. Douglas Patchen
West Virginia University
Brook Phifer
NiCo Resources
Dr. W. Lynn Watney
Kansas Geological Survey
Kevin Weller
Mesa Energy Partners, LLC

Eric Smistad
National Energy Technology Laboratory (Ex-Officio)