Unconventional Resources Program Advisory Committee (UR PAC)

The Unconventional Resources Program receives guidance from a Program Advisory Committee (UR PAC).  The UR PAC is a critical link to the producer and research communities that provides input on program priorities, field areas of interest, and technology dissemination. The UR PAC is responsible for the selection of projects that align with program requirements, using input from reviews by technical experts. UR PAC engagement in the process of planning and executing the research program is critical to success, as the companies represented on the UR PAC will be the organizations called upon to actually deploy and operate the new technologies developed under the program.

The UR PAC consists of members from academia, service and manufacturing companies, researchers and the oil and gas community.

Ahmed Abou-Sayed, Advantek International
Robert Balch, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Jack Belcher, HBW Resources
Chris Bemet, Encana
Ric Bowers, GSI
Tzahi Cath, Colorado School of Mines
Jim Chitwood, Safe Marine Transfer
Christine Ehlig-Economides, University of Houston
Carl Embry, 3D at Depth
Mark Hardy, 3D at Depth
Roy Hartstein, Southwestern Energy Company
Rich Haut, Houston Advanced Research Center
Terry Lechinger, Stress Engineering
Carolyn LeFleur, Houston Advanced Research Center
Bill Maddock, Subsea Systems Institute
Chuck McConnell, Rice University
Dirk McDermott, Altira Group
Trey Mebane, Deependable Subsea, Ltd.
Max Medina, Statoil
Alexei V. Milkov, Colorado School of Mines
Kishore Mohanty, The University of Texas at Austin
Dag Nummedal, Colorado School of Mines
Erdal Ozkaw, Colorado School of Mines
John Pappas, Texas A&M University
Robert Pilko, Blade Energy
Fred Sabins, CSI-Technology
Art Schroeder, Safe Marine Transfer
Mohamed Soliman, University of Houston
Susan K. Stuver, GSI Environmental, Inc.
Vinod Veedu, OCEANIT
Marshall Watson,Texas Tech University
Tom Williams, RPSEA
Leslie Wood, Colorado School of Mines
Mingdong Yuan, Chevron