7 Best Desk Lamp for Plants 2024 – Review and Buying Guide

Plants need light sources regardless of the season. Thus, it is important to make it available for their normal growth and nourishment. In this way, the grow lights or desk lamps are considered great options for supplemental light that help your indoor plant grow properly and remain fresh.

There are different types of desk lamps depending upon the source or type, for example, strip lights, fancy lamps, or traditional bulbs. LED light is one of the popular light sources used in lamps that provide uniform lighting. Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you have to choose one according to your requirements and preferences.


Top Desk Lamps for Plants

1. CFGROW Desk LED Lamp – Desktop Grow Light



First on this list is LED Grow light designed to stimulate plant growth by providing uniform amounts of light. It is equipped with three-bands designing including white, blue, and red LEDs that help your plants grow better and healthier by consuming this extra boost of light energy. It has a total five-piece setup: one piece is 2500K white LED, two pieces are Blue 460nm LED, and the remaining two pieces are Red 660 nm.

Based on the structure, there are different kinds of lamps. This LED table lamp features a gooseneck arm design that offers great flexibility. It is a strong and secure structure. You can adjust the light by bending its long arm. The gooseneck design is best suited for writing and other precision tasks.

The body of this desk lamp is composed of heavy-duty aluminum material, which accounts for greater sturdiness and durability. The outer shell also comes with better heat dissipation. It is a low power consumption lamp that will save your extra energy cost in the future. This makes it an ideal choice for budget-conscious buyers.

Furthermore, this is a two-in-one lamp that has a versatile design. You can use it as an ordinary desk lamp to do your work as well as for indoor plants. It is suitable for balconies, darkrooms, offices, greenhouses, and more.

  • Adjustable
  • Features LED
  • Boost plant growth
  • Versatile
  • Gets really hot


In a nutshell, I highly recommend this product for its versatile and adjustable design. It provides uniform LED lightning which is also popular these days. If you are conscious of power consumption costs, you should buy this budget-friendly and efficient desk lamp.

2. Dommia LED Grow Light – Desktop Plant Light

Dommia LED Grow Light


The second option on the list is Dommia LED grow light! It is equipped with a special light spectrum with a mixture of white light LED, and Red light LED. This spectrum delivers a full warm and white light. The main benefit of this special spectrum is that it boosts the plant’s growth. Secondly, it is suitable to perform different tasks as it provides a warm and comfortable working environment.

I will really like to appreciate the soft and uniform light provided by this best desk lamp. All credit goes to the diffused cover that evenly mixes the LED lights and distributes them fairly to the plants. The uniform light is essential for a plant’s health and growth. The light provided by this lamp is somehow similar to the 2150 K light. You can use it for indoor plants, or bedrooms or offices, etc.

It is a portable and flexible desk lamp that comes with a gooseneck swivel design. It has two heads that give a 360-degree complete coverage to your plants. There is a switch for convenient functioning. You don’t need to plug the socket in and out. Simply press the button, and you are done.

The Dommia LED grow light is also an energy-saving choice on this list. It will cut down your future energy bills as it is designed to consume less energy than ordinary lamps. You can use it in balconies, homes, offices, greenhouses, darkrooms, and so on.

  • Good coverage to plants
  • Versatile
  • Adjustable
  • Energy saver
  • Plastic caps


In conclusion, I suggest this portable lamp for its versatility, adjustability, 360-degree coverage, and power-saving mode. It is an eco-friendly choice on the list, which is ideal for plant growth. You can place it anywhere you want for the better growth of your plants.

3. New Dual Head Desk Lamp – Desk Lamp For Plants

New Dual Head Desk Lamp


Here comes the New Dual head desk lamp, which is installed with a full-spectrum LED light. It includes white LED and Red LED light (not the combination grow light: pink or purple). The Red or Blue mode of the LED spectrum is very effective for plant growth. Moreover, it creates a warm, smooth and comfortable environment. You can also study or do office work on a desk with this lamp.

Through this perfect desk lamp for plants, you get a soft and uniform light. It also has a diffused cover that helps properly mix and well-distribution of LED lights which would be perfect for plants. It is more like a multi-purpose lamp which is ideal for outdoors as well as indoors. You can fix it on your balcony so that it provides light at night time to the pants. I personally use it indoors on my workstation for plants.

This is also a gooseneck swivel design lamp. The Gooseneck design is one of my favorite lamp structures as it is easy to use, convenient and adjustable. Moreover, this layout is plant-friendly because it features full-range coverage. The lamp is equipped with a power button that saves your extra effort to plug in and out.

If you’re an environmentalist, then this desk lamp would be your favorite because it not only boosts your plant’s growth but also is a power-saving product. It resists extra power usage and will indirectly cut down your electricity cost in the future. You can use balconies, offices, homes, greenhouses, etc. Also, it includes a money-back warranty of 30 days that enables you to satisfy yourself.

  • Convenient
  • Adjustable
  • Delivers uniform light
  • Includes money-back guarantee
  • Less durable


Save money and get benefits with this outstanding desk lamp for plants! This grows lamp delivers a uniform and warm light, which is extremely effective for your plant’s growth. I included this item for its power-saving mode, efficiency, versatility, and money-back warranty.

4. VOGEK LED Growing Light – Desk Lamp For Growing Plants

VOGEK LED Growing Light


The VOGEK LED grow lamp is another amazing option in the market. The best thing about this lamp is that it has a timer. You can time it to three, six, or twelve hours respectively as per your plant needs. It brings suitable and enough light that helps them grow faster and in a healthier way. When the time cycle is completed, it automatically gets off and will restart the next day. So you see, there is no need for hectic manual operations.

It features extreme adjustability and stability. It is a gooseneck desk lamp that comes up with a strong desk clip. You can move the light to the position that is feasible to you. However, the grow light can not stand on its own, so make sure to clip it on a stable object like a table, etc., to prevent the lamp from falling onto your plant.

Moreover, it offers a full spectrum light which is too good for plants. The bulbs are replaceable, which is also a feature that needs appreciation. Because you need to buy lamps over and over again, just switch a new bulb, and you’re done. Also, the bulb replacement is only required when its lifetime ends.

  • Delivers full-spectrum light
  • Flexible design
  • Stable
  • Ideal for plants growth
  • Plastic parts


Conclusively, I highly recommend this bulb for its adjustability and flexibility. It comes with a full spectrum LED light which delivers nice coverage to your plants. There is no need to worry about its use because it features a timer which will make it effortless for you!

5. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp – Grow Light Desk Lamp

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp


Looking for the best desk lamp for dual purpose? Here you go with this wonderful TaoTronics LED lamp which you can use for work as well as for plants. It is designed to be gentle on your eyes. It delivers a flicker-free light that enlightens your space without affecting or harming your eyes. In my opinion, this desk lamp is perfect for working, studying, writing, reading or performing other precise tasks.

It is quite an advanced and technology-oriented choice! This desk lamp would create a perfect ambiance as it is equipped with five different color modes and seven different brightness levels. You can adjust the color and light according to your choice. Moreover, it has a USB charging port which makes it work like a power bank. You can charge your phone or other gadgets side by side with this desk lamp.

I will really like to appreciate its adjustable design. You get the freedom to cast the spotlight wherever you need. The design of this lamp has a head that can tilt at around 135 degrees and a swivel that can be moved to 90 degrees. The base of the lamp can also be sloped to 150 degrees. So it is quite a flexible lamp which is perfect for your plants and your work!

Over and above that, this latest desk lamp is an energy-efficient choice. It gives off outstanding environmental performance by reducing the less energy. It will cut down your electricity bills and save your extra energy cost. If you’re using a traditional desk lamp and are interested in purchasing a new one, then you should switch your lightning source with this one!

  • Advanced
  • Convenient
  • Safe to use
  • Versatile
  • Switch quality needs improvement


Looking for a technological and advanced desk lamp? Go with the TaoTonics desk lamp. It is an efficient lamp which is best suited for plants and workstation both. I preferred this product because it is a safe, convenient, proficient, and versatile desk lamp.

6. GE BR30 LED Grow Light – Full Spectrum LED Desk Lamp


Grow your plants in every season throughout the year with this best-performing LED grow light. It is developed to provide full-spectrum light to indoor plants to prevent them from shrinking. Your indoor and outdoor garden will flourish and bloom all year round with the GE BR30 LED grow lights.

If you are concerned about the durability of grow lights, then you should go for this option. It is constructed with premium quality materials that offer long-lasting performance. It features advanced LED technology, which utilizes only 9 watts of energy and generates low heat. There is no issue of heat dissipation or hot body in this grow light.

Moreover, I will really like to appreciate the balanced light delivered by this lamp. It looks white to the eye but consists of a red and blue light spectrum. According to experts, the red light spectrum is known as great for plant life. I found this grow light perfect for cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, leafy greens, and some herbs.

  • Durable
  • Provides balanced lighting
  • Power saving
  • Advanced
  • Make noise


I suggest this plant light bulb for its balanced lightning, durability, and advanced LED technology in a nutshell. It provides an effortless setup that is simple to use. Your plants will grow healthier with this desk light.

7. iEGrow LED Desk Lamp – Desk Grow Light

iEGrow LED Desk Lamp


Last on this list is the iEGrow flexible desk lamp. It is an advanced and other technology-oriented option. It features a three-level adjustable brightness which can be regulated through a touch sensor switch. The touch switch looks aesthetic and works fluently.

You can use this desk lamp not only for plants but for your office work too. It is an eye care LED lamp that will not affect your eyes as it delivers no flickering or ghosting, which protects your eyesight and reduces eye fatigue even after hours of working. It is one of the safest LED lamps available in the market.

Unlike other lamps, it is a rechargeable USB light. This plant light is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that works for charging and discharging cycles. Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in lamps, LED lights, and more because they offer good battery timing and performance cycle.

  • Looks elegant
  • Advanced
  • Rechargeable
  • Flexible
  • Less Sturdy


Overall, this rechargeable desk lamp features a flexible design. It is an ideal option for plants, workstations, or even decorating the indoors. I count this one because of its portability, aesthetic design, and performance.

Key Shopping Considerations

The best desk lamp not only makes working so much easier but also creates a bright and healthy environment for your indoor plants. It helps them grow faster. In this way, it is imperative to pick the long-lasting option, deliver uniform light, and is convenient. This section gives you a comprehensive look at what to see while purchasing the best desk lamp for plants!


Obviously, the first thing you look for in any product is its structure or layout. There are different kinds of desk lamps, but one of the best designs is the gooseneck because it offers great versatility and flexibility. The Gooseneck lamp has an arm,  head, and base, and all these parts are rotatable. You can tilt it with convenience.


There are different lamp sizes available in the market. Getting the biggest one is not always a great option. You should go for an option compatible with the area or surface where you have to put it. If you are going to buy a desk lamp for your workstation, then go for a medium-size lamp; however, a large size would be appropriate for balconies, etc.

Build Quality

You will definitely use the lamp for extended periods of time, and the plants need it at least 8 to 12 hours a day. Thus, you should go for an option that offers durable build quality. In my opinion, the lamps composed of metal like aluminum are long-lasting and sturdy in nature. Moreover, the aluminum outer dissipates less heat.


Some grow lights are fixed into the surface, while some show flexibility. The LED strip lights or mounted bulbs are examples of fixed grow light. According to my perspective, adjustable lamps are better in terms of versatility, flexibility, and performance. For example, gooseneck lamps are ideal for indoor plants as they come with a tilted head and arm.


Grow lights come with certain labels like 2500K or 6500K. These numbers tell you the exact light temperature on the Kelvin scale. The higher number refers to the cooler light. So a bulb that has a 6000K rating has white or bluish light, while the one with a 3000K bulb has yellow light.

Each kind of light, i.e., warm or cool, stimulates the particular plant behavior. A 6500K cooler spectrum light will increase the foliar growth of the houseplants and is perfect for growing leafy greens plants or seedlings. On the other hand, the Warm light spectrum is ideal for flowering plants and fruiting plants, for example, citrus.


Power consumption is another important factor to consider since you are going to purchase an electric light. In today’s market, there are advanced grow lights that come with a power-saving option. These lamps are designed to consume less power, for example, only 8 to 9 watts. In this way, GE BR 30 LED grow lamp is one the most environmentally friendly option which will cut down your future electricity bills.


img source: indoorflora.com

Can you use a desk lamp to grow plants?

Yes, you can use a desk lamp to grow plants. A standard incandescent bulb is not suitable for that job. To make plants grow and bloom, uniform and balance light are required. In my opinion, particular grow LED lights or lamps are an ideal choice to serve that purpose.

What kind of lamp is good for plants?

Fluorescent lights are considered one of the most economical and convenient choices for house plants. It comes in the form of tubers or compacted bulbs which can be screwed into normal lamp sockets. These grow lamps look cool and perform proficiently.

What color is LED best for plants?

All colors of light are uniform, and balanced amounts are needed for plants to grow well. However, red LED and blue LED lights are the most wanted. In my opinion, GE BR 30 is considered one of the best lamps for plants that deliver balanced lightning.

Final Words

Prevent your indoor plants from shrinking and dying with the help of these best desk lamps discussed above. These lamps provide full coverage uniform light, which creates an ambient, warm and favorable environment for your plants. You can also do office work or college work under these lamps as they are totally safe. Amongst all those, my top three picks are the following:

Dommia LED Grow Light for its versatility, adjustability, 360-degree coverage, and power-saving mode.

VOGEK LED Growing Light for its adjustability and flexibility. It comes with a full spectrum LED light which delivers nice coverage to your plants.

GE BR30 LED Grow Light for its balanced lightning, durability, and advanced LED technology.

In a nutshell, all the above-mentioned grow lights are great in performance. But, again, you have to make a decision wisely after addressing what your indoor plants need. I hope that you will end up with the best desk lamps for plants!

Happy Plantation!