8 Best Magnifying Lamps For Crafts 2024- Review & Buyer’s Guide

The magnifying lamp is a must-have item for all hobbyists and professional crafters. Magnifying lamps facilitate the crafters and provide them much-needed eye rest. These lamps increase your ability to see things and facilitate the crafters to tackle projects that require precision. Magnifying lamps use lenses that magnify the size of hard-to-see objects and pieces and lighten up the workspace.

They are helpful in reducing eye strain, eye fatigue, and eye-sight issues. These lumps are beneficial for hobbyists, jewelry makers, professional crafters, and DIYers. While roaming across the market, you will discover thousands of products, but all of them are, of course, not your perfect match.

To get the best experience, it is important to find the products that serve your purpose and are in line with your budget. To make your way easy, we have reviewed the eight best magnifying lamps for crafters you can buy in 2024.


Top Magnifying Lamps For Crafts

1. Brightech LightView Pro Flex 1.75x – LED Magnifying Lamp

Brightech LightView Pro Flex 1.75x


Brightech LightView Pro is our top pick for the list of best magnifying lamps for crafts. The lamp boasts a 3-inch lens of diopter glass that lets you magnify things by 175 percent, making it the best one for working with tiny parts and pieces. Also, unlike plastic and acrylic lenses, it won’t attract fog and dust, keeping the view clear even during extended work hours.

Diopter glass is scratch-resistant and also doesn’t get damaged even under high temperatures. The feature I found useful as a crafter is its adjustable user-friendly design. It uses 13.5-inch long gooseneck that lets you adjust the lamp on the objects you are looking at. Also, you can direct the light on the parts you want to focus on. Plus, a sturdy, heavy metal base keeps the lamp stable, keeping your work neat and managed.

It is an ideal magnifying lamp for painting, sewing, jewelry making, and other hobbies, as it allows you to view small objects as far as 13-inches. Also, the lamp offers the highest value for money as it uses a 570-lumen LED light offering 20,000 hours of life. Plus, the 3-year warranty further enhances its reliability.

  • 13.5-inch long goose-neck
  • 570-lumen LED light
  • Sturdy metal heavy base
  • Brightness is not adjustable


Brightech LightView Pro Flex is undoubtedly the best choice for crafters and hobbyists. Its 570-lumen LED brightness and 3-inch diopter glass lens provide an unmatched viewing experience while working with small parts and pieces.

2. Dylviw Bright Light Desk Gooseneck Magnifier Lamp – Magnifier With Light

Dylviw Bright Light Desk Gooseneck Magnifier Lamp


Dylviw bright light Magnifier lamp is another best option for sewing, embroidery works, electronic and circuit board repairing and painting, etc. The lamp comes equipped with a large-diameter lens that can magnify whatever you see up to 200 percent. Therefore it is an ideal choice for working with thin and small pieces. The magnification level varies as the distance between lens and object is changed.

The lamp measures around 11.2×5.2×3.9 inches and features a versatile design. It has various mounting and positioning options, making it perfect for different types of hobbies and activities. The feature I found most impressive is its 18-pieces LED bulb with two brightness levels. The maximum brightness level you can achieve with this LED bulb is around 600-lumens.

It uses an energy-efficient bulb that also saves you a lot of energy. A switch on the side of the lamp lets you choose the required brightness level. Additionally, it has a long metalling gooseneck. The neck is flexible, and you can bend it at any angle to direct the light on the work area. This feature makes the lamp a great choice for professional crafters.

  • Energy-efficient LED light
  • Various mounting and positioning options
  • Flexible gooseneck
  • Lamp life is not labeled


Dyliviw Bright Light magnifier lamp uses a high-quality construction and ergonomic design, making the lamp ideal for crafts. Additionally, it has an energy-efficient LED bulb that illuminates the work area for a clear viewing experience.

3. YOUKOYI LED Magnifying Lamp – Magnifying Glass For Painting Miniatures

YOUKOYI LED Magnifying Lamp


YOUKOYI magnifying lamp is one of the top-rated products of the year and offers clear vision and bright light for working on crafts like embroidery, sewing, and beading. It uses a high-quality lens with a magnification power of 5x. The feature that sets this lamp apart from its counterparts is its LED. Unlike cheap magnifying lamps, it uses a high-quality LED Light featuring diffusion translucent technology.


It emits a natural light that minimizes ghosts and flickers, giving you a full daylight experience. I loved the high brightness level this lamp provides. It uses an array of 64 LED lights giving you unmatched illumination and brightness even in the dark and low-lit rooms. Also, it lets you select the required brightness level by a long-press switch.

Moreover, the lamp comes with an adjustable arm that can be extended up to 27 inches and can be as short as 15-inches. Plus, the lamp can be angled at 220 degrees and also uses a 350-degree swivel. In this way, you can focus the lens and light at the working area conveniently. The lamp also features a big clamp that makes it easier to mount the lamp on any working surface, offering a hands-free experience for crafters.

  • Adjustable LED light
  • Adjustable arm 350-degree swivel
  • Diffusion translucent technology
  • Relatively overpriced


I highly recommend this lamp to crafters who are looking for magnifying lamps with high brightness. The lamp uses an array of 64 led lights giving you an impressive brightness level for different activities like knitting, cross-stitching, embroidery, beading, jewelry making, sewing, etc.

4. Luxo 18346LG LFM LED Illuminated Magnifier – Magnifying Work Light

Luxo 18346LG LFM LED Illuminated Magnifier


Luxo LFM illuminated magnifier is a compactly designed professional-grade lamp, offering impressive features for long-term performance. It is an expensive magnifying lamp that uses premium quality lenses and lights, making it perfect for professional crafters and jewelry makers. The lamp is equipped with a diopter glass lens offering a wide field of view.  The lens is highly resistant to damage and scratches, giving you a clear view of the workpiece.

The most standout feature is its 45-inch long adjustable arm. It can be adjusted at multiple points allowing you to fix the lamp at the required height and direction. The lamp is made for professional-grade crafters, and therefore it uses 7W LED light modules offering brightness up to 800 lumens. This brightness level gives you a real daylight experience even in the dark and low-lit spaces.

The lamp also offers brightness adjustability and comes with a dimmer switch. It allows you to select the required level of brightness in different conditions. The lamp is made with cast aluminum making it lightweight and sturdy. It offers various mounting and positioning options giving you the freedom to fix the lamp at any position on the workspace.

  • 7W dimmable light modules
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Diopter glass lens
  • Expensive


Luxo LFM LED illuminator is the best magnifying lamp for crafts you can buy in 2024. It uses top-quality material for the lens, lights, and stands and facilitates you to tackle craft projects requiring detailing and precision.

5. V-LIGHT Full Spectrum Natural Daylight Effect Magnifier Task Lamp – Magnifying Craft Light

V-LIGHT Full Spectrum Natural Daylight Effect Magnifier Task Lamp


V-light full-spectrum natural light lamp is another reliable option that offers daylight-like vision and unmatched magnification experience. I was totally impressed by the  12W full-spectrum bulb that provides an eye-friendly daylight experience. Plus, it features a 3-inch magnifying lens made with diopter glass. It can magnify whatever you are looking at up to 175 percent.

Unlike plastic and acrylic lenses, this lens is highly resistant to heat and scratches. Therefore it promises long-term and reliable performance. I also loved the way this lamp is designed. It offers maximum user convenience by a 3-point architect arm. An adjustable arm allows you to point and direct the lamp to the area you want to focus on.

This feature makes the lamp ideal for close works like embroidery, electronic repair, and jewelry making. Finally, I really liked the compact and ergonomic design of the lamp. It features a heavy metal base that keeps the lamp stable on the desk, giving you a hands-free experience. Plus, it has a big clamp that lets you mount the lamp on various work surfaces.

  • Diopter glass lens
  • 3-point adjustable arm
  • Compact with a heavy base
  • Brightness is not adjustable


V-light Full spectrum lamp with full-spectrum bulb around lens provides the daylight-like experience even in the low-lit rooms. Plus, its flexible geometry and compact design give you the best-ever hands-free experience while working on crafts.

6. iMagniphy Lighted Desktop Magnifier – Artist Magnifying Lamp

iMagniphy Lighted Desktop Magnifier


The iMagniphy lighted desktop magnifier with a 5.5-inch lens and super-powerful LED lights is one of the best lamps for crafts you can buy in 2024. The most standout feature I found on this lens is its magnification power. It comes equipped with an oversized lens of 5.5-inches offering magnification power of 8x.

This magnification power makes the lamp ideal for diamond painting, jewelry making, cross-stitching, and many other activities that require fine details and precision. The 5.5-inch diameter gives a wide field of vision, eliminating the need to focus the lens repeatedly. Moreover, it has strong illumination and high brightness. It uses six super-powerful LED lights that give you a real daylight-like experience even in small and dark rooms.

However, the brightness level is not adjustable, which is slightly annoying for some users. Finally, I really loved the flexible gooseneck that can be bent at any angle for maximum user convenience. The sturdy and heavy metal base keeps the lamp stable and allows you to position the lamps freely on any flat surface. The lamp also offers a money-back guarantee and limited lifetime warranty making this product trustworthy and reliable.

  • Powerful lens
  • Super-powerful LED lights
  • Adjustable gooseneck
  • No Brightness dimmer


I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a professional-grade magnifying lamp under a competitive price tag. Its 5.5-inch oversized lens gives you a wide field of view, and the 6 LED bulb helps you get the optimum brightness level even in dark rooms.

7. Brightech LightView Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp – Craft Lamp With Magnifier

Brightech LightView Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp


Brightech is a trusted and reliable name when it comes to buying lighting essentials. Lightview Pro  6 is a premium magnifying lens designed for professional jewelry makers and craftsmen. The lamp comes relatively expensive, but it justifies the price tag by offering tons of impressive features.  The feature that made me a fan of this lamp is its 3-inch diopter glass lens.

The diopter glass is the best quality glass that is highly resistant to fog, dust, and damage and offers the optimum level of clear vision. The lens can magnify the objects up to 175 percent and are ideal for jewelry making, tattooing, electronic repairing, fine embroidery works, and other crafts that require detailing and precision.

Additionally, the lamp offers a professional-grade brightness level of 800 lumens. The LED light works great and doesn’t heat up during extended hours of work and offers a long life of 20,000+ hours. Additionally, I was pleased to get the rolling base, pivot head, and adjustable arm. This flexible geometry allows you to place and focus the lens and light where you want.

  • 800-lumen LED light
  • Adjustable arm and pivot head
  • Rolling base and diopter glass lens
  • Expensive


Brightech Lightview Pro 6 is an expensive but professional-grade magnifying lamp. With its 800 lumen brightness LED and premium quality diopter lens, this is the best lens for crafts you can buy in 2024.

8. Joypea Magnifying Lamp – Best Magnifying Lamp For Painting Miniatures

Joypea Magnifying Lamp


Joypea Magnifying lamp is an affordable yet reliable option for hobbyists and professional DIYers. The lamp uses a high-quality lens, offering a field of view of 4.3-inches. The magnification power of the lens is between 2x to 4x, which is enough to see the tiny and hard-to-see objects while working with different crafts. The lamp comes equipped with 18 LED bulbs and can outperform many expensive magnification lamps.

The feature that impressed me most is the brightness control. The lamp comes with a long-press switch that lets you achieve the required brightness level. Moreover, the lamp ensures eye protection, and the bulb produces soft light with minimum Flickr and dazzling, giving you an eye-friendly experience. Also, you can change the color temperature, which is a real bonus for professional crafters.

Moreover, the lamp features a 20-inch long gooseneck that you can bend at any angle in any direction. This feature allows you to adjust the direction and height of the lamp, making it easier to focus the lens and direct the light to the area of your interest. The lamp also comes with a large and sturdy clamp that lets you fix the lamp on working desks or any flat surface, giving you a safe and hands-free experience.

  • Affordable
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • Flexible 20-inch gooseneck
  • Only 4x magnification power


Joypea Magnifying lamps with a high brightness level and quality lens can outperform many expensive magnifying lamps. The lamp is highly recommended for hobbyist crafters and DIYers for sewing, beading, embroidery, and electronics repairing.

Buyer’s Guide

A magnifying lamp is an important tool for any craftsman, as it helps them complete hard-to-see and complicated projects. Magnifying lamps come in various designs, offering various features, making them perfect for different projects.

To get the best experience, it is critical to figure out the product that is in line with your project’s needs and requirements. This guide explains some important features you must consider before buying a magnification lens for crafts in 2024.


Magnification is the most critical factor to consider while buying magnification lamps. The magnification level lets you know how much the lens will magnify the objects. Magnification should be your primary concern when you are working with tiny and small objects like jewelry, embroidery, cross stitches, and tattoos.

However, you don’t need a super high-level magnification for regular work like painting, reading, and sewing. Magnifying lamps generally offer magnification between 4x  to 8x, which is ideal for working with crafts and repairing works.


Adjustability is another critical feature of any magnifying lens that is used for making crafts. The lamp with flexible geometry offers high levels of adjustability, making them perfect for different activities in different environments. The most important part of the lamp in this context is its neck. Many lamps offer flexible goosenecks. You can bend the lamp head at any angle to focus it on a point where you want.

Some lamps feature flexible arms that are adjustable at two or three points. This feature lets you grasp the lens and bring it closer to the object you are working on. Plus, the rolling base, swivel, and pivot head let you focus the lamp at the point of work and offer great precision in work. More adjustability means more versatility and enhanced user experience.


Brightness is an important trait of any lamp. Magnifying lamps designed for crafts use different types of bulbs and offer various levels of brightness. In 2024 most lamps come with LED light offering a brightness between 450 lumens to 800 lumens. However, some professional-grade lamps offer as many lumens as 1200.

Another important thing to consider is the brightness level or adjustability. Some lamps offer two or more brightness levels, and they either come with a switch or dial to choose the brightness level. Some lamps come with dimmer switches that allow you to select the required brightness level manually. It is recommended to go with the lamp offering the minimum brightness of 500 lumens and at least three brightness levels.


The construction quality of the lamp also matters as everyone wants a higher value for hard-earned money. In magnifying lamps, you should look for the quality of the lens, light, and outer skin materials. It is recommended to go with the lamps using a  high-quality glass lens, as they are less prone to scratches and fog and give a clear vision.

Plastic and acrylic lenses are inexpensive, but they are not long-lasting and reliable. The life of a bulb is also essential. The LED light should have a minimum life of 20,000 + hours. Also, it is best to get the lamps using sturdy metal construction for maximum reliability and stability.

Mounting Options

The more mounting and positioning option, the more versatile the lamp is. Hobbyists and crafters work on their crafts in different types of places. More mounting and positioning options will allow you to place the lamps at many positions.

Some lamps come with large clamps that are used to fix them with sliding surfaces. These lamps are ideal for artisans who work on desks or flat tables. Some lamps come with mounting brackets and are more versatile, allowing you to direct the light to the area you are working on.


img source: made-in-china.com

How do I choose a magnifying lamp?

While choosing a magnifying lamp, you should consider the following features:

  • The large diameter of the lens means a large field of view
  • Brightness level
  • Magnification power
  • Mounting and positioning options
  • Adjustability

What strength magnifying glass do I need?

The magnification strength of the magnifying lamp should be between 4x to 7x. However, 5x magnification is standard and is ideal for doing most of the crafting jobs. The magnification power above 8x will lose clarity and is not ideal for working on smaller parts and pieces.

What is the best magnifying lamp for crafts?

LUXO 18346LG, LFM LED is one of the best magnifying lamps for crafts you can buy in 2024. It uses a Diopter Glass lens with a magnification power of 5x and dimmable LED Light modules, giving you the best ever experience.

Wrapping Up

Magnifying lamps play a critical role in the completion and success of crafting projects. Although all the lamps on our list are the top-rated and best-selling products of the year, we have picked our top there favorites.

YOUKOYI LED Magnifying Lamp for its cast aluminum construction, Diopter glass lens, dimmable brightness, and flexible geometry.

Joypea Magnifying Lamp, 2X-4X Magnifier Light for its affordable price, adjustable 20-inch gooseneck, high brightness level, and excellent magnification.

Brightech LightView Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base Magnifying Floor Lamp for its premium quality construction, floor-standing design, wheel rolling base, and 800-lumen brightness.

Keep in mind that some lamps use plastic or cheap acrylic lenses that are highly prone to damage and scratches. Therefore it is recommended to buy lamps that use high-quality glass lenses.


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