7 Best Solar Christmas Lights 2024 – Review and Buying Guide

Christmas joy is incomplete without lights and decor. Every tree, house, street, market, or walkway gets covered with lights. However, in this way, we all also have to consider energy consumption too. I am here with the best Christmas light options in today’s market that work on solar energy. It will double up your Christmas decor and excitement without compromising on power!

In short, the solar Christmas lights are better than ordinary lights in terms of performance. These lights are usually preferred because they rely on solar energy, which is totally an environmental-friendly option. Without harming you and the ecosystem, these lights enlighten the Christmas celebrations and offer you the best performance. Let’s move on to the best products under this category which are readily available on Amazon!


Top Solar Christmas Lights

1. GDEALER Solar Lights

GDEALER Solar Lights


First on the list is GDEALER SD 3! It is a great choice to lighten your patio during the Christmas season or holidays. While rating the lights, the first thing that pops up in the buyer’s mind is its layout, and the second is its performance. From design to working, these lights scored full marks based on a good controller system.

These Christmas lights come in a water drop shape and are attached to a string at a specific distance. The lights are of multiple colors, including red, blue, yellow, and green. These are perfect multi-color light options for Christmas decoration. However, you can also use it on birthdays or other occasions to create a charming atmosphere.

The fairy lights work by consuming solar energy. You can easily install it via a 20 cm garden stake that allows you to til and adjust the appropriate azimuth angle. The solar panel that powered these lights provides around eight hours of working time once fully charged. However, full charging time depends upon the upcoming sunlight and position.

Furthermore, the lights are equipped with regulatory switches: one for steady mode and the other for flashing mode. There is the main power switch, too, for effortless commanding. These are extended lights that come in 20 feet in length. The total number of lights is thirty. Overall the dimensions of this product are 7.2 x 3.9 x 3.3 inches.

  • Convenient
  • Good working hours
  • Elongated string lights
  • LED lights
  • Looks gorgeous
  • Not sturdy


In a nutshell, these LED lights look quite beautiful. It is a versatile option to consider for birthdays, parties, Christmas, and other occasions. I prefer these solar Christmas lights because of their convenience, unique and colorful design, and elongated working time.

2. Outdoor Solar String Lights

Outdoor Solar String Lights


Second on the list is outdoor string solar lights manufactured by Mpow! This is another picture-perfect item to complete your Christmas decorations. It comes up with 100 brilliant working LEDs. The LED lights are quite trendy as these are easy and give a uniform glow which makes them suitable to lighten the areas like patio or backyards.

These lights are installed with eight working modes which allow you to switch the lighting views. These different modes include: waves, chasing, fireflies, fading, fading slowly, combination, twinkle, and steady options. These functions are not ordinary and might be lacking in other models. If you want to have something more fascinating and different from usual, then you should see this item.

Furthermore, these LED lights are quite flexible as you easily bend them. The length is 33 feet in total, and it would be enough to decor your garden. It features ultra-thin copper wire that is good for outdoor and indoor conditions. It is a versatile item on our list.

In terms of design, I don’t have a lot to say. These lights look like simple yet decent fairy lights. The variants are available based on colors: yellow, multi-color, etc. I found it extremely useful for decorating fences or outdoors because of its waterproof feature. These lights are resistant to weather conditions like water, dust, or heat because they are equipped with IP64 protection technology.

Moreover, the performance time is a maximum of 10 hours which is impressive. It is installed with an 800 mAH battery that gets charged with solar energy. As a whole, it is an energy-efficient and best-performing model.

  • Energy efficient
  • 10 hours working performance
  • A good battery is installed
  • Weather resistive
  • Multiple modes
  • Basic design


In conclusion, these Christmas lights are considered because of multiple modes. It comes with basic functioning and design. I really like to appreciate the extended working time and resistive properties of these lights. If you are looking for a long-lasting item, then this makes a great choice.

3. Vmanoo Solar Christmas Lights

Vmanoo Solar Christmas Lights


Here come the third solar-powered lights for Christmas. These LED lights are based on energy from sunlight and will not cost your utilities. The best thing about these lights is that it requires no battery replacement. It is like a one-time investment and a lifetime benefit! It has an automatic on and off control system based on a light sensor: when it gets dark, it turns on and gets automatically off in the daytime.

It comes up with an impressive waterproof and memory feature. The light is installed with IP65 technology, which resists external weather fluctuations like high temperature, water, or dust particles. It works even in heavy rainfall or snow. It is a perfect option for outdoor as well as indoor decor. Besides, the built-in memory chip feature saves the last mode settings you have used. There is no need to set the mode every time or every day. It automatically restores the previous action.

Furthermore, it is elementary to install. If you haven’t got your hands on solar light before, then go for this handy and convenient option on this list. It comes with a solar panel with a ground stake that is attached to the folded string lights. It overall shapes like a tree itself and works on its own. There is no need to install a stand or anything else. Just buy it, and you’re done!

The length of the string is around 72 feet that contains almost 100 LED bulbs. It is a mesmerizing option for your garden, lawn, backyard, porch, patio, etc., because of its extended length. The wire that attaches the LED lights to the solar panel is called a lead cable. It has a 6 feet lead cable that allows you an easing of panel setting. You get eight different modes in the settings,  including auto change, waves, sequential, SLO GLO, chasing, slow fade, twinkle, and steady. The string has on and powers off buttons. In a nutshell, it is quite an effortless and basic setup that everyone can easily follow.

  • Multiple modes
  • Easy setup
  • Includes switches
  • Resistive to external conditions
  • Memory feature
  • Few customers faced charging issues


In a nutshell, these solar lights are a complete package option for entry-level users. It provides ease of use and performs quite well. I recommend these fairy lights because of their memory feature, multiple modes, resistance, and convenience.

4. SKYFIRE Twinkle Fairy Lights

SKYFIRE Twinkle Fairy Lights


Fourth on the list is the SKYFIRE twinkle fairy lights! This light stands out in the market because of its super-long performance time of up to six hours which is more than enough in this price tag. It gets fully charged in a day by consuming direct sunlight. It is a great choice to light up outdoor areas like patio, backyards, or Christmas tree decoration.

These lights are based on advanced solar battery technology. It ensures up to 17 % energy conversion rate. It is equipped with a 600 mAH battery that supports a long working time. Since these lights are powered by solar large, you don’t need to charge on your own. Simply place it anywhere without any extension cord, and you’re done! In short, it offers an effortless and basic setup.

Next, for outdoor use, you should consider the resistive properties. Fortunately, it is installed with an IP65 waterproof design that withstands external weather fluctuations like high temperature, rainfall, heavy snow, or even dust. The resistance also makes it a long-lasting choice to make for this Christmas.

Moreover, these LED lights offer easy operation. It comes with basic switches for power off and on. Also, not many modes confuse you; it only provides a steady mode and flashing mode. The installation is also quite convenient as the package includes the solar panel attached with a garden stake stand. As a whole, it is a complete deal for beginners.

  • Great battery timing
  • Basic setup
  • IP65 waterproofing feature
  • Long-Lasting
  • The timer could be improved


Conclusively, these lights are an ideal pick for those who are planning to decor the outdoor. It comes with great waterproofing features. I count this one because of its durability, brilliant battery timing, and bright or uniform results.

5. Dephen Solar String Lights

Dephen Solar String Lights


Fifth on this list is Dephen solar string lights! These are one of the most eco-friendly solar-powered lights. It comes with a built-in battery that gets recharged by consuming a considerable amount of solar radiation directly coming from the sun. It automatically charges under sun exposure and lights up at night. There is no need for any additional accessories, setup, or cost. You can say that it is ready to use LED solar lights.

I got really impressed with the super long performance time of these solar fairy lights. It is equipped with an adjustable and flexible solar panel that efficiently absorbs an appropriate amount of sunlight and converts it into electricity. Once it gets fully charged, it works for straight 10 hours. For full charging, it requires 6 to 8 day hours. It is the best option for Christmas decorations because you won’t face the dimming of lights and lack of performance.

It also comes with waterproof technology which makes it an ideal choice for outdoor decorations. It can work in clouds, snow days, or rainy seasons. The resistance makes it a more durable and long-lasting option. The LED bulbs have a lifespan of 50000 hours. So feel free to buy these fairy lights if you are concerned about durability.

Moreover, it is easy to operate. It has two switches for power on and off and modes. It offers to flash mode and steady mode. The installation is also quite convenient as the package also includes a stake. In these LED Christmas fairy solar lights, there is no need for wiring and tough setups.

It is a versatile option and is available in multiple colors. It is great for decorating indoors like rooms or lounges etc., as well as perfect for outdoors like garden, yards, patio, pathways, fences, lawns, and more. It adds a warm and romantic ambiance to the atmosphere.

  • Versatile
  • Multiple colors
  • Dual modes
  • LED bulbs have a long lifespan
  • The blinking issue may be faced


Over and above that, these fairy lights have several advantages like heavy-duty performance, versatility, and more. I include it in this list mainly because of its decent construction, long-lasting LED bulbs, basic installation procedure, and cost-effectiveness. It is true value for money.

6. GIGALUMI 2 Pack Solar Lights

GIGALUMI 2 Pack Solar Lights


Sixth on the list is Gigalumi string lights which is another great option for outdoor decorations. These solar LED lights come in a pack of two. The length of a string is around 23 feet, with 50 LED lights over it. The flower-shaped design of these fairy lights is funky and attractive. It is suitable for Christmas decor, outdoor parties as well as indoor events.

These solar-powered lights work by efficiently consuming solar radiation in the daytime. It comes with a solar panel that converts the solar light into electricity proficiently. There is no need for wiring, additional accessories, and equipment for the whole setup.

In terms of features, these LED lights are waterproof, durable, and best performing. It works for 10 hours straight without dimming and any hindrance. Moreover, these outdoor lights are easy to operate. It has two switches and dual modes: one is the steady mode, and the other is flashing mode. It is a user-friendly, cost-effective, and energy-efficient option.

The best thing about these fairy lights is that a trusted company manufactures them. The brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which enables us to test and satisfy your requirements. It is one of the finest, efficiently performing, and durable products in today’s market.

  • Flower design
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Dual modes
  • Easy to operate
  • Plastic material


If you are looking for a different yet fancy option, then you should consider this one. It offers a unique flower shape design in multiple colors, which looks amazing. I recommend this item because of its easy operation, basic handling, money-back guarantee, and proficient display.

7. Windpnn Solar String Lights

Windpnn Solar String Lights


Last on the list is Windpnn String lights! These solar lights are the most convenient and well-organized. This solar light requires no wiring and consumes energy automatically. It is based on light sensor technology that depicts the daytime and nighttime routine and gets charged independently. There is no need to turn it off and on daily.

There is no need to put an extra cost on power, maintenance, and stuff. I believe that this is a true energy-saving and eco-friendly product. The best thing about these lights is that it is safe to use and durable.

It is equipped with IP65 waterproof technology, which makes it idyllic for outdoor use. Briefly, you can use these versatile star fairy lights for decorating lawns, landscapes, backyards, porches, gardens, or patios. It includes eight different working modes, which will satisfy your diverse requirements. It is a complete package light that also includes the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Waterproof
  • Eco-friendly
  • Warranty
  • Uniform light
  • Requires direct sunlight


The Windpnn solar fairy lights are one of the popular options which are famous for their star shape. It provides a complete decent and uniform light. I suggest these lights because of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Features to Look for while Buying Christmas Lights

Charging and Working Time

The first technical parameter that buyers should consider is the charging time and the performance period of lights. The charging time refers to the hours that an integrated battery needs to be fully charged along with a solar panel power supply. Usually, the charging time of solar Christmas lights varies from six to almost ten hours.

The charging duration highly depends upon the radiations throughout the day. The estimated time required for charging will be less if the solar panels are fully exposed to direct sunlight, while the time is extended in cloudy weather. Moreover, it is also dependent on the position of solar panels. The best way is to face the sun in a tilted position. However, it is always preferred to go for an option that requires less time to get fully charged.

In my perspective, the LED lights are better in terms of their realistic performance and great charging time. These solar lights require comparatively decreased charging time and give off prolonged working. Keep in mind that if your lights do not get completely charged, it will reduce their working capacity and overall efficiency.

In the case of indoor applications, the solar lights show compatibility with artificial lighting. But that’s not considered a nicer way since you are buying sunlight-consuming LED fairy lights. You should mount the solar panels and utilize solar radiations to enlighten your favorite zone.

Length of Solar Lights

The second factor that should be kept in mind is related to the size or length of fairy lights. There are differently sized LED solar lights available in the market. You have to consider one which is perfect suited for your application. If you plan to cover your house’s outer area, you should go for simple and lengthy choices. Besides, if you are more into decorating indoors for parties or mini occasions, consider medium or small-length options.

Design and Color of Fairy Lights

The third factor is the design or shape of LED lights. As you know, many different and elegant shapes lights are available in the market like circular, triangle, star, fruits, crescent, water drop, and more. Some of you might light the basic one-dot fairy lights, which are ideal for outdoor use. It totally depends on your own choice. Furthermore, there are a variety of colors too. Mostly, the fairy lights offer multiple color options, including green, yellow, blue, and red. The basic yellow and white-colored lights are also in fashion.

Waterproof feature

In the case of outdoor decorations, the resistive properties are essential to protect the lights from external environmental fluctuations, such as heavy rain, temperature changes, snow, and dust. The resistance also makes an item more durable and sturdy.

The waterproofing feature is typically measured using the IPXY standard. In this value, X represents the resistance against dust particles while Y represents the withstanding capability against water content. IP65 is considered a great waterproofing element in fairy lights.


img source: familyhandyman.com

Are the solar Christmas lights worth it?

Purchasing solar lights to enlighten your Christmas celebrations is a great idea to put your effort into saving energy. It might cost you more at first than ordinary fairy lights, but it is a long-term saving. Shortly the best solar Christmas lights is an energy-efficient, cost-effective and proficient choice.

Are solar lights any good in winter?

Solar lights usually come with resistive properties which enable them to withstand different environmental conditions. Briefly, solar lights do work efficiently in winters. However, you have to set the solar panels in a certain position to get maximum sunlight to power up the batteries and function faultlessly.

Should you turn solar lights off at night?

According to daytime and nighttime, some solar lights automatically function that power off and on effortlessly. While, in my opinion, it is a great idea to turn off solar lights while not in use to save the charging. You can do it regularly.

Final Words

Investing in solar lights is a great idea in the context of power-saving and efficiency. These lights are better than ordinary fairy light because it creates a more ambient and warm environment by providing a uniform light. These lights are available in various sizes and shapes; you can choose one as per your choice. There are other factors too that require your prior consideration; some of those were mentioned above.

In this blog, I have reviewed the seven best solar Christmas lights which perform proficiently and are equipped with unique technologies. While my top three choices from all of those are the following:

GDEALER Solar String Lights because of its convenience, unique and colorful design, and elongated working time.

Vmanoo Solar Christmas Lights because of its memory feature, multiple modes, resistance, and convenience.

GIGALUMI Solar String Lights because of its easy operation, basic handling, money-back guarantee, and proficient display.

In the end, you have already got to know about the best solar lights for Christmas in 2024. All the above-mentioned products are great in performance and energy-efficient. Now you have to invest in one that meets your choice and demands.

Happy Christmas in Advance!


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