8 Best Solar Rope Lights 2024 – Review and Buying Guide

When it comes to hosting a party or an event at your place, lights are probably on top of your list. You will come across many types of lights but to make things better, you surely can use rope lights that will illuminate a wide range of space with a single switch.

Plus, they can come in your desired length and shades of light while being super flexible. If you hadn’t noticed, solar rope lights have been known to be eco-friendly and economic. So, here are 8 solar rope lights that you can put to use, let’s check them out.


Top Solar Rope Lights

1. LiyuanQ 8 Mode Solar Rope Lights – 2 Pack

LiyuanQ 8 Mode Solar Rope Lights



With these 33 feet long rope lights, you can have your entire garden covered with ease. With the involvement of copper wires that have been covered entirely in clear PVC tubes, you get the entire place lit up.

The tube is super flexible as well as durable, so, if you wish to form a shape with these rope lights, you can do it simply, thanks to how thin these lights are that allow you to wrap over itself several times.

To offer you a set of lights that illuminate in all directions, a steady angle of 360 degrees has been incorporated within these 100 LEDs that glow super bright. The solar panels are adjustable and if provided with proper sunlight during the day, these lights are capable of working continuously for about 12 hours.

The tube has been made in such a way that can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as heavy snow and rain and extreme heat on sunny days if you are looking for something that can be used outside your house.


  • These lights are environmentally friendly.
  • The lights are waterproof and can stand harsh weather conditions.
  • These lights are super durable.
  • Can work for 12 hours straight with enough sunlight absorbed in the day.

2. JosMega Solar Powered String Rope Lights

JosMega Solar Powered String Rope Lights



These lights are never in need of batteries since they work on solar power when it is dark, so, you can consider this as the best option for you if your days are pretty sunny at almost all times. They are capable of turning on at dusk automatically.

So, you can just install these lights in a sunny place and leave them there to turn on once it gets dark. If you let these lights charge for about an hour or two, they will work for two to four hours. But if you let them charge for four to eight hours, you can have them working for about six to twelve hours.

Although, if you experience a cloudy day, these lights will work for an hour or two straight or maybe longer but dimmer. These lights cast soft, glowing lights on things around them, letting an ambient mood set in.

A rechargeable battery has been built-in inside the lights and the tube used here is made up of good-quality PVC material. A smart temperature has also been included to avoid overheating, so you need not worry even if the sun is too strong on a particular day.


  • Since the lights need solar power, they are super portable when placed outside.
  • The tubing given to these lights is flexible.
  • The lights are super durable.
  • About eight different modes of lighting are available.
  • These lights can be used outside your house.
  • They are eco-friendly.


3. Solar Rope Lights Outdoor

Solar Rope Lights Outdoor



This set of lighting is super unique as it comes with a remote to control various aspects of this product, such as the mode of lighting since there are about eight of them, the level of brightness as there are four of those available, and about four timer options.

In short, this is a kind of lighting that can be customized according to your liking. With the timer options, you can decide if you want these lights to stay on for 3 hours, 5 hours, eight hours or just keep them on until you turn it off manually with the remote.

If they are charged for six to eight hours, they will easily stay illuminated for up to eight to twelve hours. The best thing is that like the previous set of lighting, these tend to turn on once it senses the lack of light in its surroundings and turns off once daylight hits it to charge completely.

Since this product requires no wiring or battery, you can say that they are pretty easy to install as all you have to do is hang it the way you want as your electricity bill goes way down.


  • These lights can survive through bad weather.
  • Multiple features.
  • Durable and flexible.


4. KUshopfast Solar Rope Lights

KUshopfast Solar Rope Lights



These lights are about 66 feet long and are capable of saving energy to put to use later on. As they have been incorporated with a 360-degree angle, you can see the illumination glow in every direction.

With the flexible tubing used to make these lights, you can mold them into any shape you see fit as well as wrap them around various objects, like trees, fences, stairs, walls, etc. with about eight different lighting modes, you will be able to make the most out of these lights for any event.

Each mode has a different effect, so you can decide which one goes the best with your event, which makes it useful for any kind of occasion. Also, a memory chip has been added which saves the last setting, so that it does not reset and you do not have to set it again and again.


  • These lights can illuminate for about eight to twelve hours straight if allowed to charge to their full capacity.
  • Get a break from short circuits as these lights do not need electricity as they survived on solar energy.
  • The lights can be used anywhere both inside and outside the house.

5. Aluvee Solar Rope String Light

Aluvee Solar Rope String Light



These lights are waterproof, meaning they work very well underwater. They come with two switches, a switch-on button, and an off button to help you manage the illumination created by these lights better.

But you do not have to use these switches because these lights turn on when they sense a lack of light, that is, at night, and switch off when they sense an illumination from the sun. This helps them rest for a little while and get charged so that they can work well at night again.

These solar rope lights are super flexible, so they will be super easy to mold into any shape or you can wrap them around furniture, trees, fences, patios or hang them on walls, boat decks, etc.

Make a note that the product gets charged only when you turn the switch to “ON”. if you do not do that, the product will not start charging. This sort of switch is important when you are going out of town for a couple of days as you do not need light inside the house when no one is around.

Although, if it is outside, you can let the switch be ON at all times for continuous illumination.


  • A switch is available.
  • The product is flexible and durable.

Buyer’s Guide To Buying The Best Solar Rope Light

Budget surely is one thing to pay attention to when you are looking for solar rope lights but there are a couple of other things that you should keep an eye out for. They have been mentioned below-

The Illumination And Mode

Before you get to the illumination of the lights that have caught your eye, make sure that you are clear with the purpose you have for these lights. If you are looking for something that will brighten up your space in the dark, use some rope lights that are bright and include a static model.

If you are looking for something that will add a decorative touch to your place, the illumination types and modes can vary greatly. Based on the event theme you have chosen, you will be able to determine the sort of color and brightness your lights are supposed to have.

Something colorful that brightens the place up with various, bright colors would be ideal for a holiday, such as Christmas and other holidays. Although to give an ambient touch to your surroundings, something dimmer would do.

Some of the rope lights you may come across might offer a special feature of multiple lights and illumination modes in their settings. This will help a lot but as expected, they are slightly more pricey than the usual ones with great reason, though.

The Flexibility And Length

This too depends considerably on its purpose, so, how would you like to install them? As for goals, like wrapping it around your fence, a high amount of flexibility is not required. Although, flexible lights would be largely appreciated if you want to create a specific shape with the lights.

Flexibility is also necessary if you plan on mounting it on specific fixtures. As for the length, you will need something that is not too short or too long for your purpose, so, you should make sure to check approximately how long these lights are.

Also, the price matters. If you find cheap flights, does it mean you will have to purchase more of them? Would something that is slightly more expensive be enough to cover up the entire area properly?

Which one is adding more value to your money? If you are satisfied with your answers to these questions, go with those lights!

The Durability

Of course, you are looking for something that is going to last for a good long time, so, watch out for durable lights that seem promising enough. Also, make a note of where you are going to place these lights because if it is outdoors, make sure that they can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as heavy snow and rain or extreme heat if you live in a hot country.


img source: auraglow.co.uk

When it comes to lights, it is always beneficial to go for something that will help a ton in reducing your light bill. Solar lights are one of the god gifts sent from above to help with that. And if you are looking for something that will illuminate a huge space with a single switch, rope lights are for you.

With the various illumination modes and colors, they come in, they are a great way to add a touch of brightness and decoration to your place. To make things easier for you, a list of the best solar rope lights available in the market today has been put together.

Take your time and go through them once again if required and make your pick.


How long are solar rope lights capable of lasting?

There is not a definite answer to this as the lasting capacity of solar rope lights depends largely on the material that was used to make them. But when it comes to the batteries in them, you can be worry-free for about 3-4 years after purchasing these lights. You will have to replace them then.

How much time does it take for solar rope lights to charge?

Your solar rope lights need as much sunlight they can receive in the daytime to charge properly. Although, the charging time taken by the battery is dependent on the amount of sunlight received and the manufacturer.

Some lights can provide a battery charger you might need if you experience days where you do not receive much sun, that is, for winters, for example.

How easy it is to install solar rope lights?

It is very simple to install solar rope lights. You can compare it to installing your Christmas lights. You can hang them from this end to that end and you are done! Or simply choose a shape and work on hanging them that way to achieve the shape. Although, wherever you place it, just make sure that the lights receive ample sunlight during the day.


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