Natural Light Energy Systems: Bless of Nature!

Natural light energy is derived directly from the sun’s radiation. Solar systems are used to tap in energy from the sun and consequently providing with different energy options.

Over the years most businesses and homeowners have embraced natural light energy which is cheap and has the energy to power us all day.

From cooking, lighting to running our business, natural light energy is the perfect alternative to electricity.


Natural Light Energy Systems

Natural light energy systems are environmentally friendly solar systems that operate on the sun’s solar energy. They help to protect your home while at the same time saving up huge costs. They also play an integral part in helping to keep your home or business establishment energy efficient while at the same time keeping air circulation nice. 

Here are some good examples of natural energy systems you ought to know.

Solar attic fans: An eco-friendly solution that protects you home 24/7 and has cost-effective benefits. They are powered by natural light and are quite powerful.

Tubular Skylight: They require no wiring and stitches to operate. All they need is free energy light from the sun during the day.

Advantages of Natural Light Energy Systems

Natural light energy systems have gained popularity in the last couple of years and most businesses are using them to great effect. Recent studies have depicted that natural light exposure can help to improve our overall productivity and alertness. 

Besides this, the use of natural light significantly leads to high energy savings. All these are just but a few compelling reasons as to why you should consider incorporating natural light systems in your factory of business. 

Letting light pass through our homes and business is a good way of increasing the overall freshness and productivity of people and activities. Big and established companies like Walmart have used natural light systems in helping to improve the morale of both clients and employees.

Additionally, most homeowners are using these devices to help regulate the air circulation around their homes. Harsh weather conditions prevalent in the hot and cold seasons impact negatively our homes.

From rust, mold infestation and other anomalies, these devices are the perfect remedy for helping curb bad vices.

If you are looking to saving up cost and also using the free light energy, light systems are the best deal currently. They are available in the market and with different options to choose from. 

The Natural Light Solar Attic Fan

Natural Light Solar Attic Fan is an environmental friendly energy solution that helps to cut down your costs in enterprises. Powered and run by solar energy, this energy-efficient solar has a compact and silent vent.

Always operational right away from the package and can be installed easily with minimal effort. Requires no electrical wiring or electrician to run and there are permits required to run.

All in all, you can install it comfortably by reading the manual script in the package box. 

A powerful natural light system with a single 10-watt unit having the ability to cover up to 1200 sq. meters. Can be placed anywhere in your garage, workshop or loft for improved attics.

To ensure that you have an energy-efficient establishment, attic venting is of great importance. Proper venting has the effect of cooling off your roof and consequently the shelf life of the material.

Additionally, it helps to increase the overall load on your air conditioning system. For fresh air circulation invest in attic venting. You get reduced vapor build-up caused by day to day activities like taking a bath and cooking.

Furthermore, the build-up of moisture in your establishment traps dump moisture in your attic and this can bring different problems. From rust to harboring bacteria and molds, your overall respiratory health is at risk due to this build-up.

Benefits of Natural Light Attic Fan

Lowers the overall temperature of attic and thus reducing the load on the HVAC System: Heat reduction in the system ensures that the workload of air conditioning is abruptly reduced.

You can save up more energy and at the same time extending the shelf life of the entire air conditioning system.

Extends shelf life of roofing material: Proper attic ventilation from the system ensures that moist air is evacuated and chances of having rot and mold build up are eliminated.

Natural light attic fan most importantly helps to prevent instances of ice damming common in cold regions.


  • A 10-watt solar attic fan
  • A 20-watt solar attic fan
  • Gable 10 watt solar fan
  • Gabble 20 watt solar fan

Types of solar attic fans

Winter and summer season can cause havoc on your roof and the inside of your attic. Fighting the devastating effects caused by bad weather conditions and reduce costs of cooling, an attic venting is worth to invest in.

For this reason, it is essential that you chose a solar attic fan that is economical, eco-friendly and durable. 

There are two types of solar fans installation, the Gable and Roof fans. Gable fans are usually set up on walls of your attic and can be used in place of an attic vent located below the gable.

Roof fans, on the other hand, are installed on top of your establishment. They are usually installed when your roofing is being worked on to have a good seal.

Here are a few examples of solar attic fans:

Amtrak Solar’s Solar Attic Fan


A powerful solar attic fan that is rated at 40 watts and is a great addition if you looking to reduce attic temperatures. A solar gable attic fan which has a venting capacity that helps to clear up to 2250 sq. feet.

Amtrak attic fan has been in the market for long are one of the most trusted solar companies in the US.

Natural Light 12 Watt Solar Attic Fan

Natural Light 12 Watt Solar Attic Fan


A natural light product that has a 12-watt lighting fan which is powered by solar energy. Made as a roof based mount with an adjustable attic fan and users get a product warranty of 25 years.

Of importance, this product has a venting capacity capable of covering up to 1260 sq. feet. Suited for establishments such as lofts, sheds, and workshops.



Made from the same brand that offers most solar products for homes. Eco-Worthy is a 15-watt solar power attic vent fan that can cover up to 2200 sq. ft. area.

Additionally, this priceless product can provide air ventilation for nearly 1960 cubic feet per minute. An interesting fact is the capability of the motor to have a lifespan of up to 10,000 hours.

Natural Light Ultra Low Profile 24 Watt


An innovative solar-powered attic fan that is made from Natural Light Company. Made of ventilation with the capability to offer up to 24 watts and comes with a warranty of 25 years.

Suitable for roofing materials like asphalt shingle and can work well on most tile roof applications. Designed with the best and high-quality materials for longevity.

Cost Details of Installing and Attic fan

Cost for installing an attic fan usually ranges from $400-$700, and most homeowners attest to spending an average of $600 to install one and is inclusive of labor. Different factors determine and influence the final cost of installation.


Wall mounted fans typically have a cost range of about $300-$500 in terms of purchasing. The cost of installation is however low and ranges around $8. Fans powered by solar cost around $250-$300 in terms of installation.

Labor cost

Labor cost depends on the company you consult. On average these are the rates charged for fitting an attic fan:

  • A roofer to cut and seal roof: $45-$70 per hour.
  • Electrician for setting the solar fan: $60-$85 per hour.
  • A carpenter for installing a new vent: $70 per hour.

Consider seeking out on estimates of different service providers to get the best price for the installation of an attic fan.

Good energy solutions

Solar power is turning out to be one the best energy solutions present. Solar energy first has immense benefits since it is derived directly from the sun.

Through the installation of solar panels in homes and business establishments we can tap and harness the power of the sun. Sun is a very powerful source of energy is cheap with no cost being involved.

You only need to purchase solar a good solar system and you’re good to go. An important fact is that the sun has the capability of providing enough power in just over one hour enough to meet worldwide energy needs.

As such, it is true to refer to the sun as the best energy solution we have at our disposal and is free of charge.


Solar energy is a very robust option for people looking to tap in free energy that is second to none. Thus said, businesses and homeowners need to purchase the best and high-quality solar systems that can handle and tap this energy.

For an all-round cost-effective energy source, you should consider purchasing the solar systems mentioned above.