Top 12 Best MPPT Charge Controller 2024 – Review

There are many different energy systems in homes today. That is why having the best MPPT charge controller for the money is necessary. In this way, you will be able to avoid damage that could occur to any component of your system.

In particular, a charge controller can be really useful, since it is located between the batteries and the power source. Similarly, this unit achieves compatibility with the requirements of each of these components. You can also get the most out of the electrical or solar energy you have.

Best MPPT Charge Controller Review


The 12 Best MPPT Charge Controller for the Money Review 2024

However, it can be a little overwhelming to choose the right option due to a large number of options. That’s why we’ve analyzed the top 12 units that can give you excellent results. So, you can make the right investment by choosing the right tool. Let’s take a look, then, at the best features of the following units.

1. Victron  SmartSolar High Quality MPPT 75/15 Solar Charge Controller With Bluetooth

Best MPPT Charge Controller for the Money

One of the first options that can offer excellent performance is this load controller. Here you will get a maximum voltage of 75 volts. In combination with this, the 15-amp level can offer you considerable operation for various power systems. In turn, this is combined with a set of additional useful features.

High Level of Functionality

To understand good functionality, we must consider that you get a high level of conversion efficiency here. So also, for some users, partial day shading can be a problem. This is why this unit recognizes it in an advanced way. Therefore, knowing the maximum power point will be very useful for you. Also, maximum power point tracking is ultra-fast compared to other models.

High-Value Energy Tool

Additionally, it is necessary to mention that the design contemplates an automatic recognition of the battery voltage. So you don’t have to worry about what voltage a battery provides. In turn, natural convection cooling provides superior functionality.

That’s why this unit is an excellent complement between the solar panels and your batteries. You will have the ability to get the maximum recharge rate, along with maximum benefit from the accumulated solar energy.

Includes Bluetooth Function

One of the innovative aspects included here is the Bluetooth function. In this way, you will have the possibility to know each of the precise data of your energy system.

Besides, you will have the current status of the charge controller as well as the history at your disposal. This makes it much easier to make any necessary adjustments to your system.

  • Includes LED indicators
  • Automatic battery voltage recognition
  • Includes Bluetooth function
  • Intermediate amperage quantity


2. EPEVER MPPT Remote Meter Plus Temperature Sensor PC Monitoring Cable Charge Controller

Best MPPT Charge Controller for the Money

If you need a unit that provides better features, then this model might be for you. Here you will have a very useful 150-volt voltage. So, in combination with that, the amperage provides you with 40 amps.

Also, the algorithm here provides an efficiency that reaches 99.5%.

High-Level Functionality

You will be able to minimize the photovoltaic current, thanks to the excellent voltage capacity of this charge controller. This will make it easier to handle a larger number of solar panels in series.

Therefore, a 5 x 12-volt connection in series is usually used for this purpose. Therefore, this means better results on any sunny day.

Good Level of Versatility

First, you will have a user-mode to configure the load parameters yourself. This unit also can adapt to the operation of different lead-acid batteries. In the same way, it also provides good results with flooded battery and sealed AGM gel.

High-Level Technology

You will have a temperature sensor, as well as a communication cable from the controller to the PC software. You will be able to use the 40 amps of this unit with solar panels up to 600 volts. The 12-volt, 1200-volt battery system should include a 24-volt unit.

So, this is one of the options that provide an excellent cost-benefit ratio. 

  • Excellent maximum voltage and amperage
  • Includes temperature sensor
  • High level of energy efficiency
  • Hard to use software


3. Outback Advanced Continuous Maximum Power Point Tracking Flexmax 80 AMP Solar Charge Controller

Best MPPT Charge Controller for the Money

In this case, the third option can offer any user excellent solutions in an energy system. Here you will have the possibility to work with a lot of different batteries and system designs.

Besides, the input voltage manages to convince a large number of users every day. 150 volts can offer great advantages.

High-Level Monitoring

On the one hand, the monitoring of this unit can increase the results obtained. About the PV matrix, the increase obtained reaches 30%. This is combined with a correct efficiency for charging battery banks, within a certain voltage range.

To obtain the maximum benefit, the range should be from 12 to 60 VDC.

Backlit Display Included

You will be able to view the current operating status through this backlit display. Also, the 80 characters that can be displayed on the screen will be more than enough to know all the details.

When analyzing other options, we notice that a screen of these characteristics is not usually included. Therefore, it will not be necessary to synchronize a PC or a smartphone.

Greater Energy Efficiency

One of the positive points of this unit is that you have many more ampere-hours. So your solar panels will be able to provide more amps for your batteries. By doing this every day, you will be able to notice a higher level of solar energy efficiency.

In other words, it means you get more out of the energy you accumulate from your solar panels.

  • 30% more energy production
  • Excellent versatility with battery systems
  • Backlit display included 
  • Slightly improved design


4. EPEVER MPPT 30A 12/24V Negative Ground Charge Controller Featuring Advanced MPPT Technology Auto Solar Charge Controller

Best MPPT Charge Controller for the Money

Among the best options, it is important to find a model that offers a high level of confidence. That is why we can describe this option, which offers a high level of monitoring efficiency.

Specifically, you will get a rate of 99.5%. Besides, you will be able to take advantage of the maximum conversion efficiency of 98%. This means that the result is a maximization of the solar energy produced.

Excellent Safety Features

To provide you with good security here are some useful features. Some of them are reverse current, short circuit, overload, over-discharge, overvoltage, and reverse polarity protection.

In this way, it will be much easier to avoid a lot of quite common electrical inconveniences. Therefore this means avoiding spending money on repairs.

Optimized Functionality

First of all, this charge controller can take care of the functionality of the batteries. In concrete terms, the entire performance of the energy system can be optimized.

Also, the life of each battery is extended, and the different temperatures of the components are compensated. To achieve this, this charge controller offers 4 charging stages that can be adapted to every need. 

Good Level of Versatility

Another of the best features is the versatility in the operation of this load controller. With this, you will have the possibility of using different deep cycle batteries such as lithium, flooded, gel, and sealed.

Also, the multi-charge control method is combined with automatic system voltage identification. So whether it’s 24 volts or 12 volts DC, this controller will identify it. 

  • Excellent performance protection
  • High level of efficiency
  • Appropriate functionality with different batteries
  • Difficult use for beginners


5. Renogy Rover Innovative MPPT Technology Common Positive Solar Charge Controller Regulator Compatible

Best MPPT Charge Controller for the Money

As we continue to investigate the load controllers that do an excellent job, this model is another one. Here you will notice that one of the best features is the automatic voltage detection.

This makes the functionality much easier compared to other models available today. Also, the rest of the features are of high quality.

Efficient Automatic Detection

First, this controller can detect 48V, 36V, 24V, and 12V DC systems. In the same way, you will be able to work with sealed, lithium, flooded, and gel deep cycle battery.

To this, we can add that the battery ready function will provide you with a more convenient and easier to use functionality.

Excellent Efficiency

Another positive aspect that this tool can provide is the efficiency that you will be able to take advantage of. Here too, it is possible to obtain a tracking efficiency that reaches 99%.

It will also be very positive for you to take advantage of the 98% maximum conversion efficiency. It is therefore highly cost-effective to purchase this load controller for your energy system.

Protection and Useful Features

Here is a set of protections that will be very useful for you. Some of them are reverse current, short circuit, overload, over-discharge, overvoltage, and reverse polarity protection.

Besides, the LED backlight display will provide you with all the necessary information and settings. Finally, the Bluetooth function allows this unit to be paired with a smartphone. This means that you can always keep better track of the unit.

  • Excellent level of security
  • High levels of efficiency
  • Includes Bluetooth module
  • Not compatible with all batteries


6. OOYCYOO MPPT 60A 12V / 24V High Tracking Efficiency Automatic Solar Controller

Best MPPT Charge Controller for the Money

When you need a tool worthy of professionals, this model is the ideal one. Here we can mention that automatic detection is guaranteed. You will notice that this controller detects 24 volt and 12 volt systems.

At the same time, the maximum voltage allowed is 100 volts. Also, it is possible to work with lithium battery, flooded lead-acid battery, gel, and sealing.

Optimal Efficiency

As we mentioned earlier, we have only considered the best options on the market here. That is why this model also provides you with an excellent level of tracking efficiency that reaches 99%.

Moreover, the energy conversion efficiency level is also one of the most convenient concerning other models.

Includes LCD Screen

To enhance the functionality of this unit, a super-bright LCD screen is included. You will be able to visualize and analyze each of the data of this system in real-time.

Besides, this charge controller will indicate to you if the batteries or solar panels are properly connected. That is why it is a compliment that provides greater convenience.

Excellent Functionality and Protection

To improve the results obtained with this load controller, some protections are included. So, you should not worry about the reverse polarity, over-discharge, reverse discharge, over-discharge, reverse current, and under-voltage.

In the same way, overall energy efficiency will be greatly increased.

  • Excellent maximum amperage and voltage
  • Very useful LCD
  • Efficient protection measures
  • Specific knowledge is required


7. SmartSolar High Technology MPPT 100/30 Solar Charge Controller

Best MPPT Charge Controller for the Money

Another Victron Energy model needs to be described in our list. Here you will get a maximum voltage that reaches 100 volts. In combination with this, the maximum amperage reaches a level of 30 amps.

So, you will be able to adapt in a much more convenient way to the different needs of a home. 

High Level of Efficiency

As we have mentioned for other units, here too you will be able to take advantage of one of the best tracking efficiency levels, which is close to 99%. In the same way, the energy conversion efficiency can also give you good results.

In this way, you can make the most of a single day’s solar energy production.

Simple Functionality

Here it is necessary to take into account that some charge controllers are difficult to use by novice users. However, this particular model offers simple functionality. In combination with this, the LED light indicators inform you about different states of the power system.

Includes Bluetooth Module

To optimize the use of this unit, you will have the Bluetooth function in this charge controller. This way, you will be able to pair a smartphone with this unit. Use this option to display all the necessary data of your power system.

Both the status and history, you will have all the information available.

  • Excellent efficiency
  • Includes Bluetooth function
  • Simple functionality
  • Limited protection levels 


8. Onesolar Multiple Protection Against Overcharge MPPT 60A Solar Panel Battery Charge Controller

Best MPPT Charge Controller for the Money

Making the right decision means acquiring an efficient load controller. In this option, you have a maximum input voltage that reaches 150 volts PV. In combination with this, the amperage level is one of the most suitable for large energy systems.

You will be able to take advantage of an excellent amount of 60 amps from this charge controller.

LCD Included

To optimize the functionality of this unit, you will have an easy to see the LCD screen. In this way, it will be easy to see the working conditions in combination with the operating data.

Also, the current curve and the daily power generation curve will be very easy to read. So no external device will be needed here.

Versatile Battery Functionality

By having this implement in your power system, it is possible to work with 4 different batteries. Among them, you can choose sealed, flooded, gel, and defined by each user.

Besides, automatic voltage detection can detect 12-volt, 24-volt, and 48-volt systems. So, this means compatibility with 900 watts, 1700 watts, and 3400-watts solar panels.

High-Efficiency Rate

Finally, we can mention that here too the tracking rate of the maximum power reaches 99%. Also, the maximum conversion rate must reach 98%. In combination with this, you will have protection against overheating, reverse polarity, short-circuit, overload, over-discharge, and so on.  

  • High-efficiency rate
  • Includes LCD screen
  • Versatile operation with different batteries
  • No Bluetooth module included 


9. Rich Solar 40A 12V/24V DC High Tracking Efficiency MPPT Solar Charge Controller With LCD Display Solar Panel Regulator

Best MPPT Charge Controller for the Money

Today, this load controller continues to gain popularity among users. One of its main features is a proper versatility with different batteries. You will be able to work with lithium, flooded, gel, and sealed.

However, its good features do not end here.

Excellent Automatic Detection

In a fully automated way, you will be able to detect the voltage of your energy system. In combination with this, the tracking efficiency rate reaches 99%. Additionally, the energy conversion efficiency offers 98%. 

Protective Measures

As we have mentioned for most models, certain protective measures are also included here. Among them, you will have protection against reverse polarity, short circuit, overload, over-discharge, and over-voltage, among others.

This is why you will be avoiding any kind of damage to the components of the whole system.

Efficient Design

You will be able to measure the battery temperature, while the accumulated heat can be dissipated. To do this, a design that features die-cast aluminum is included here.

Besides, the Bluetooth function can provide a correct connection to a smartphone. In combination with the included LCD, displaying all kinds of data will be very easy.

  • Includes Bluetooth and LCD screen
  • High levels of efficiency
  • Efficient protection measures
  • Does not detect 48-volt systems 


10. Autoday MPPT Controller Could Increase Efficiency 12V/24V Auto Focus Tracking Solar Panel Regulator With Dual USB Port Charge Controller

Best MPPT Charge Controller for the Money

When you have the goal of optimizing energy production, then this model may be the most appropriate. When you purchase this model, you can increase efficiency by 10 to 30% in energy production.

It is one of its best features since you will have more energy available to you. 

Efficient Functionality

Among the safety measures that have been included, here the controller detects the low voltage of a battery. The system’s charge is automatically cut off without causing any damage.

In turn, all operation returns to normal when the battery voltage is the same. So, it can be highly convenient for different power systems.

Protection Measures

You will notice that this load controller optimizes the operation of an energy system. In this way, it is possible to avoid over-discharging or over-charging any battery. Even at night, each of the solar panels will provide proper operation.

So, we can mention that this charge controller is an excellent complement to your home.

Additional Useful Features

For proper data monitoring, you will have 2 USB ports. Use each of these ports to synchronize an external device, such as a smartphone. Also, you will have an amperage that reaches 100 amps.

Besides, the LCD will provide you with all the data and options available for optimal operation.

  • Maximum amperage 100 amps
  • Includes double USB port
  • Includes functional LCD screen
  • Not useful with 48-volt systems 


11. Onesolar MPPT 60A Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology Increases Efficiency Solar Charge Controller With Auto Battery Regulator

Best MPPT Charge Controller for the Money

One of the important aspects for many users is the versatility of a load controller. Here you will have a maximum input voltage that reaches 150 volts PV.

Also, this unit is suitable for working with solar panels of 900 watts or 12 volts, 1700 watts or 24 volts, and 3400 watts or 48 volts.

Convenient and Effective Design

As with the best options, a highly functional LCD is included here. This makes it easier to check working conditions and operating data at all times. You will also have a complete menu of operations, functions, and various statistics.

So, you will notice that the operation of this unit is easy.

High-Efficiency Rates

Another positive aspect we can list is the tracking rate of the maximum power. Here you can take advantage of an efficiency of 99%. On the other hand, the energy conversion rate peaks at 98%.

So the functionality of this unit can increase the efficiency between 25 and 30%. Additionally, the tracking speed is one of the fastest, compared to other models.

Versatility With Batteries

To optimize the operation of this unit, you will have different protections. This way, you will not need to spend money on repairs of any damaged components. Besides, it will be very easy to work with different loading options such as gel, sealed, flooded, and user-defined.

Therefore, purchasing this model could be a decision.

  • Excellent efficiency rates
  • Multifunctional LCD screen included
  • Versatility with loading options
  • No Bluetooth module included 


12. PoWMr Over Input Power limiting Protection MPPT Charge Controller With Bluetooth Module Programmable LCD Display

Best MPPT Charge Controller for the Money

Last but not least, this unit offers one of the best overall performance. Here you will count on a tracking efficiency rate that reaches 99.9%. In turn, the automatic voltage sensing is compatible with both 12-volt and 24-volt systems. Also, four charging stages are included to get maximum power from your batteries.

LCD Included

Both the LCD and the LED indicators will provide you with all the necessary information. Also, the LCD offers a good view of the data and options available.

On the other hand, the LED indicators inform about any failure or inconvenience. Therefore, this is a unit that is very easy to read.

Bluetooth Module

You will have the ability to sync this unit with an iPhone or Android device. This will make it much easier to monitor the status of the entire power system. Besides, the data history will be properly recorded.

Therefore, you will be able to improve the functionality of the whole power system with the help of these aspects.

Efficient Protection

As with the best units, efficient protection measures are included here. In this way, you can avoid overloading, over-discharging, reverse polarity, short-circuiting, and other drawbacks.

In combination with this, other useful accessories are also included. So you can avoid spending money on expensive future repairs.

  • Includes Bluetooth module
  • LCD and LED indicators
  • Excellent protection measures
  • Does not detect 48-volt systems 


Best MPPT Charge Controller Review – Buying Considerations

Today you can find a large number of load controllers that are available on the market. However, there are some subtle aspects to consider that will help you make a better decision.

It is a set of features that only experts can handle perfectly. So, here we save you the task of researching for hours what the following aspects are all about.

Maximum Input Voltage

One of the well-known myths is that a 12-volt battery bank can be compatible with a 12-volt panel. However, we can mention that this is not entirely true. For that, it is necessary to take into account that energy can vary depending on how it is generated.

In the case of solar energy, then the intensity is not always the same all the time. It is quite common since the sun is not the same all day long. So, this mostly affects the vast majority of panels. Each of these panels will not work at the nominal voltage, due to this variation in energy intensity.

On the other hand, a very common mistake is made by some dealers and homeowners. Some of them may want to create a grid connection system by connecting several panels. Therefore, the controller will need an even higher maximum input voltage.

Only in this way is it possible to compensate for all the additional power needed. The maximum input voltage, the more convenient the load controller will be. In this way, it will be much easier to take into account the different energy variations.

Battery Voltage

The important thing here is that you will be able to find in most of the options, a range between 12 and 48 V DC. However, depending on the batteries or devices you need to work with, then you may need between 60V or 72V. A standard level is usually around 12 VDC. 

Of course, for some people, this is not enough because they are whole homes or very large composite systems. So, in this case, of course, a much higher voltage capacity will be needed.

So, the battery voltage must be exactly adapted to all your needs. This way, you might find an option with a standard voltage or a higher level.

Maximum Output Current

In particular, this aspect indicates the number of devices you will be able to power from the size and type of the battery bank. Exactly the number of amps will be used to charge certain devices. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the range of amperes that one of the options we have listed can provide.

This will give you much better performance with the 80-amp chargers. Conversely, you can also find more affordable options that offer between 20 and 30 amps. Here you can analyze the number of devices you need to power day after day.

In the same way, you will be able to avoid buying a unit that is insufficient for you.

Additional Features

In these times, you will be able to find a lot of really useful additional features. Each of them can provide you with some advantages for the personalization of your home systems. So, this will be useful, especially when you have batteries and solar panels.

In particular, the best additional features are based on the security you get. So, since you are working with electricity and solar energy, some drawbacks might occur. So, the following features will keep you away from these hazards.

Having a data logger or LED display can increase the functionality of a charge controller. Also, two other useful features are the remote-control management system, along with other safety functions.

Therefore, avoiding electric arcs, reverse polarity, short circuits, overload, or over voltage will be very useful. In this way, you will avoid spending extra money on various repairs.

Along with this, you will also have the ability to find the unit that best suits your needs.

Best MPPT Controller – Must Known Q&A

MPPT ControllerQ. 1: Are MPPT controllers worth it?

Ans: In simple words, we can mention that a load controller is worthwhile, as it can provide a set of excellent benefits. On the one hand, you will have an extra percentage of energy that can benefit a large home system.

Also, the best units can offer certain useful protections. Some of these are protection against short circuits, overvoltages, or reverse polarity. On the other hand, it may be that the voltage of the array bank does not match the array and its voltage itself.

To solve this incompatibility, you can use an MPPT charge controller. This will allow your home system to operate and provide better results. 

Q. 2: Which is better PWM or MPPT?

Ans: Between these two possibilities, the MPPT charge controller is by far the most convenient option overall. This does not include mechanical connections that can be damaged. While the PWM option offers more complexity most people choose the MPPT.

First of all, in several different areas, you will have certain considerable advantages. Each of these options allows you to convert excess voltage to a certain number of amps. This can be very useful for many homeowners, but also some merchants.  

Q. 3: How do MPPT charge controllers work?

Ans: In principle, this charge controller needs to verify the output of the PV module. In the same way, it also compares this with the battery voltage. Therefore, the charge controller can find the optimum power.

This optimum power will then allow a certain charge to be produced for the battery. This charge in turn becomes the optimal voltage to achieve the maximum current.

On the other hand, when this unit is connected to the battery, it will be able to supply power to a DC load.

Q. 4: What size MPPT charge controller do I need?

Ans: Today, you can find different charge controllers, and of course, different capacities. So, among the common classifications, it is possible to find charge controllers of 48 volts, 24 volts, and 12 volts. You should choose the one that best suits your needs.

On the other hand, the amperage can be rated from 1 to 60 amps. Also, all voltage ratings range from 6 to a maximum of 60 volts. When you have solar panels with an amperage of 14, then you need a charge controller of at least 14 amps. 

Q. 5: How many watts can a 20-amp charge controller handle?

Ans: In concrete terms, you will have the possibility to drive at 480 watts with a 20-amp unit. It is important to consider that many solar panels work with variable solar energy.

In other words, solar energy is not the same throughout the day. On the contrary, it is very common for the energy to vary depending on the time of day. Besides, it is convenient that a charge controller is connected at all times, between the solar panels and the batteries.

In this way, the correct compatibility of the solar energy to the batteries can be obtained. In the same way, it is also possible to avoid the discharge that usually occurs in the batteries.

Q. 6: What is the disadvantage of PWM?

Ans: One of the main disadvantages of PWM is variation. In particular, this variation is because power is variable in the pulse width. To do this, we must consider that the transmitter can handle power. This is also true when we talk about the maximum pulse width.

Therefore, to obtain a good operation and use the communication correctly, the bandwidth must be big enough. It must even be large enough when compared to pulse width modulation. 

Q. 7: What is the purpose of MPPT?

Ans: Here, the main objective of this load controller is to extract the maximum possible power using an algorithm included in its design. In turn, this procedure is carried out, taking into account a set of safety conditions. 

Final Words

After analyzing each of the options listed here, you will be able to find the best MPPT charge controller for the money. It’s one of the best investments you can make for any home energy system. This will make it much easier to take advantage of the full potential of the electric current, or of a solar energy system.

On the other hand, you’ll avoid overspending on other options of questionable quality. As we have already mentioned, not all of these options will be able to protect you from certain electrical hazards. Some of them, such as polarity reversal, over-voltage, and short circuit, can be devastating at certain levels.

Therefore, it is always preferable to purchase a good charge controller, rather than spending money on many repairs. So, all that remains is to decide which option is best for you and to start increasing energy efficiency. Without a doubt, this is an excellent energy saving.