Top 10 Best Flashex Flashlight 2024 – Top Picks

Rarely do we consider the performance and quality of a flashlight. This Flashex flashlight review will blow your mind; after all, it’s is new and intact and gives out light, it’s all enough. However, a flashlight is more than just lighting; it about the strength of its lighting, the handy features for easy handling and service.

Most obviously, durable battery life and extra specialization features are the must-have spec depending on several projects. Eventually, these criteria gave us a reason to get the research done and compiled in this flashlight review.

Best Flashlights Review


Best 10 Flashex Flashlight Review 2024

Our review comes from close research and analysis of findings obtained from past customers and owners. Be it for camping, reaching out to your generator in case of a power outage, and more, you shall definitely find one that suits different purposes.

1. GearLight Tactical Flashlight

Flashex Flashlight Review


A Long Bright Life

Gearlight led tactical flashlight is super bright with an option to either focus or light up a whole room. Easily light up a range of up to 1000 feet for as long as you keep this flashlight safe. With three-hour active lighting, this flashlight serves for long before the need for new batteries or recharge. 

Tough & All-weather

Water is an enemy to most electrical appliances, but not the Gearlight handy flashlight. Submerge it in water, and it shall still light up, run it over with a truck, and still get it’s lighting services. After dropping it from 10 feet high, the manufacturers confirmed the toughness of this model.

For any challenging uses, it shall come in handy. It is tough and waterproof. 

Includes Handy Accessories

How do I keep this flashlight? What if it slips off my hand while using it? Worry not for this flashlight comes with a pouch and holster for convenient storage when not in use. Whenever it slipped off your hand and included wrist strap shall secure investment. 

Use this torch comes in handy for any use involving water, rough purposes such as camping, and most common day-to-day flashlight use. 

  • Water-resistant hence all-weather 
  • 1000 feet illumination range 
  • Has both focus and full light functions 
  • Includes a storage pouch
  • Gearlight doesn’t include the batteries; you shall have to spend extra bucks to power this super quality and performance flashlight


2. J5 V1-PRO Tactical Flashlight

Flashex Flashlight Review


Long-lasting & Bright

Got objects less than 600 meters away and need to focus on? J5 Tactical V1-Pro is for you. With a focused capacity of 600m and super brightness of 300 lumens, it can can be easily focus on distant objects. Get prepared for any emergency or situation.

This model comes with three options, the intelligent, high, low, and strobe mode that comes in handy. 

Battery, Zooming and Running Time

Both rechargeable and disposable batteries run this model. Therefore, whenever want to go for the remote, it’s safe. Still, once anyone is back to a power connection, he/she will save the extra bucks by recharging instead of buying.

For spread out lighting, this flashlight should be fully zoomed out, and zoom in for a beam to focus on a distant object. With a single AA battery, this model can survive over an hour if continuous lighting and a week for normal household use. 

Tactical and Tough

Think hard, Terrains, think about this tactical flashlight. A single AA battery gets this flashlight going for over an hour. A test with a rescue worker, it was confirmed that, indeed, J5 Tactical V1-Pro could survive a whole night search.

  • A high lumen capacity of 300 
  • 600 meters beam focus 
  • Uses both rechargeable and disposable batteries 
  • Is tough and tactical with long-running hours
  • J5 Tactical V1-Pro is waterproof but ineffective in some situations like large water bodies. 


3. Amuok Flashlight

Flashex Flashlight Review


Super Lighting

The lighting capacity of Amuok flashlights is on another level. Focus up to 1000 feet away with its beam mode. With 1000 lumens of brightness, this model can light up a whole room. Amuok draws its power from either disposable or rechargeable batteries.

18650 rechargeable batteries or 3 AAA batteries make this a beast in lighting. 

Good for Tough Terrain 

Amuok flashlight can survive the harshest conditions, be it water, ice, or impact. Made to be water and abrasion resistant and skid-proof to serve in the rain or snow. And has it been mentioned that this model is explosion-proof?

Now it’s clear that why emergency responses use this flashlight model. For any tough function such as emergency response and camping, this remains an ideal choice. 

Adjustable Focus with 5 Modes

Easily switch between the 5 options by a single light button tap. Therefore, you have the option to choose from high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS. Focus by zooming in and out with a simple pull of the head. Therefore, this model can fit in the pocket or purse, or survival bag and glove compartment.

Which another flashlight could offer such user-friendly keeping options? Amuok flashlight should never miss in your package. 

  • 1000 lumen capacity 
  • A focus of up to 1000 meters 
  • Water-resistant, explosion, and abrasion-resistant
  • Small in size and easy to carry 
  • Offers poor signaling and therefore ineffective for light discipline purposes. However, the model comes in handy for most purposes


4. Streamlight Microstream Flashlight

Flashex Flashlight Review


Compact with 45-lumen Capacity

Are you here looking for a flashlight that shall perfectly fit domestic uses? If so, then this 45-lumen flashlight shall serve the right option. With an aluminum body, this compact flashlight is resistant to minor impacts that are to be expected.

The manufacturer successfully conducted a one meter test; you shall rarely need to deal with impacts higher than this in domestic use. 

Small and Bright with a Long-running Time

For domestic purposes, the beam of 41 meters produced by this model is sufficient. You have a total of 2.25 hours of continuous running time, which translates to numerous use sessions. The Streamlight flashlight is small that it can fit in palms,

now that is convenient at the palm of hands, right? One AA battery is included in the package to start off. After this one is out, better have your supply relinquished. 

Convenience Accessories

How do you carry along or keep the torch? With this model, you get a removable pocket clip and a strong lanyard to give you easy time handling. Actually, the clip can multitask to fix the flashlight onto your cape, so the hands get busy on something else.

The lanyard is always guarding in case you lose the proper grip. 

  • Small and lightweight 
  • Long-running time 
  • 45-lumen capacity 
  • 41 meters beam
  • Do not allow for rechargeable battery option. This turns out to be costly especially on the replacement batteries. Ensure that you have a pack of batteries to keep on the safe side


5. Anker Rechargeable Flashlight

Flashex Flashlight Review


Tough with Constant Brightness

Do you need a tough flashlight for tactical, camping, or emergency purposes? Anker passed the test for this category. With an all-metal body, shouldn’t have doubts about its long service life. Compact as it is, its brightness remains constant throughout the whole running time.

It can be explained by the dedicated integrated circuit and intelligent lighting that is included in this model. You can either choose to focus the 1000 meters beam or generally light an area of 200 meters. Includes a powerful rechargeable battery for instant use.

This model can run for over 6 hours of continuous use, therefore, you can have over a month with the normal precise use sessions. 

Tactical and All-weather

Anker manufacturers designed it with the emergency part of its use in mind. The rather long handle and huge head are meant for tactical purposes. Be it water or ice, Anker is designed to thrive in both situations. The manufacturer tested in freezing temperature and still lit up. 

5 Mode and Intuitive Controls 

Easier controls are preferred to complicated stuff. This model uses a single button for switching on and off and navigation through the modes to make life easy. Emergencies are more accessible to cater to with this flashlight, thanks to the five modes it comes with.

  • Water-resistant 
  • Intuitive and advanced controls 
  • It is Tactical grade 
  • Multiple light modes
  • This is a high-quality flashlight, and no major issues were found. However, for such premium features, you got to pay a little more bucks


6. Peakplus Tactical Flashlight

Flashex Flashlight Review


Has Dual Power Sources

Looking for high performance, a high-quality tactical flashlight? Peakplus is the ultimate pick for you, the reason being the dual power source it is designed for. It’s possible to choose either use 3AAA batteries that are not included or the included inbuilt rechargeable battery.

A charger comes with the package for a complete power system. 

Strong Impact Resistance Qualities

With a military-grade aluminum body, peak plus illuminated even the most challenging terrains with almost zero impact to the body. At the back is a lanyard to ensure safety as a measure to prevent impact. 

Zoom Function With five Modes & Waterproof

Choose between a beam and the regular lighting by zooming in and out. It comes in handy in emergencies, given the five modes it comes with. Depending on the need and situation, choose between high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS. You got all way illuminated, even deep in the waters. 

The Wide Beam Mode 

We must touch on the wide beam mode. In case you are a rider or motorist and know how emergencies can be frustrating, how about a flashlight with convenient lighting to ride along? This is the power of the wide beam mode in Peak Plus. 

  • High-quality tactical flashlight 
  • Has the wide beam mode 
  • Waterproof and all-weather flashlight 
  • High-quality aluminum
  • Ensure that check the package immediately it is delivered


7. Hausbell Handheld Mini Flashlight

Flashex Flashlight Review


Good for Kids & Household Use

Going for a hike with children? Why not grab this Hausbell 4-pack flashlight and let everyone be secure? With 3 modes to choose from this small and light flashlight shall guide and stay by kids for emergency response.

Other than the kids, you can keep one for walking with dog and other general household uses. 

Tough and Waterproof

This model has its body made from tactical grade aluminum. It is super rigid, light, and slow to wear out. In addition to that, it is waterproof to mean you can have it in the pool or the cold on the mountains.

Dual Power Source & Zoom

Hausbell supports one rechargeable battery and one AA size battery. This is enough power to give a consecutive light time of over two hours. However, you shall have to buy both separate since they aren’t included in the package. 

Zoom in to sharpen the beam and focus on an object further away. There is a handy pocket clip for own convenience. So, its easy to mount it on the belt or cape. 

  • Ideal size and 3 modes for kids 
  • Waterproof and impact resistant 
  • Includes the zoom function 
  • Pocket clip for convenient handling
  • This model is limited and can only function for light duties


8. BINWO Led Flashlight

Flashex Flashlight Review

Durable and Super Bright

If you need an extremely bright flashlight, BINWO got covered. With a 2000 lumen capacity, this flashlight can either flood or focus a beam to a range of up to 200 meters. Made from high-quality aluminum that guarantees durability out of the high impact resistance.

An Adjustable Focus with Five Modes

BINWO flashlight has the option to function on 5 modes that are easy to select from one button located on the tail cap. Five modes are the maximum and shall come in handy in every situation.

To add to that, the modes are powered with a memory function such that, even after switching off, the set mode remains in place. You have the option to floodlight or focus on objects with the 200 meters range beam, thanks to the adjustable focus that this model has. 

Battery-powered with Lanyard

With a power source of 2AA batteries, this model has enough power to perform at its best. The only disadvantage shall be having to buy new batteries again and again. However, the features provided by this model are worth the extra battery budget, by bulk, and keep with you. 

There is included a security strap to ensure the safety of the investment in case of an accident.

Lightweight and Compact

BINWO is compact and light despite the heavy features it carries. This allows for easy portability and handling during use. 

  • Lightweight and compact 
  • Adjustable focus 
  • 2000 lumen capacity 
  • 2 AA size battery 
  • Battery-powered


9. Phixtone Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight: High Lumen

Phixtone Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

Durable with Steady Power

Phixtone is manufactured in the best interest of the consumer. With an inbuilt rechargeable battery and an included charger, you are sure of a steady power supply. A single recharge can last for 6 hours in the high mode and up to 12 hours in the medium or low mode. 

Talking of durability, this model is made of durable aluminum allow, which is tough and highly resistant to impact. Still, this aluminum is light and offers an abrasion-proof surface. 

Waterproof with 5 modes

The best tactical Flashlight get has 5 modes, like the Phixtone. Being waterproof, this model offers its services in water and any other weather.

Bright Light with Adjustable Focus

This model produces very high lumen power and hence brightness. This is because of the L2 chip utilized in the led light. L2 chip is of better quality than T6 and produces 20% more light. With the zoom function, choose to focus on a distant object or floodlight near you. 

  • Durable with aluminum alloy body
  • 5 modes to choose from
  • Adjustable focus
  • Produces 20% more bright light
  • This model had no identified issues at the moment


10. WUBEN Tactical Flashlight: 1200 Lumen

Flashex Flashlight Review

The Underwater Pro

If you have been scrolling, checking out for the ultimate flashlight for water environment uses, then WUBEN Tactical Flashlight is the best one. With a high-water resistance capability, this torch can provide light for two hours, placed two meters underwater.

Long-range, Bright, and Lightweight

With a lumen capacity of 1200, this flashlight is one of the brightest. A 200 meters beam focus is enough for even the toughest applications. Still, with all that functioning power, this model is designed to be light and compact for easy handling.

Impact-resistant with 5 Modes

Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is among the toughest yet still lightest. Even after being run over by a car, this flashlight still functions great! There are five modes for any function during a situation or emergency. So, you have a high, medium, low, and eco.

Allows for Dual Power

WUBEN comes with one included rechargeable battery and a slot for two disposable batteries. Recharging is easy using an included USB cable, and whenever power runs low, there is a warning light.

Comes in a Rich Package

The package you receive includes everything we need for convenient use and safe handling of this flashlight. The full package, comes with one micro-USB, one rechargeable battery, two spare waterproof rings, and a user manual to get started.

  • High waterproof capability
  • Dual power source
  • Lightweight
  • Bright and long-range beam
  • We identified no issues with this model


Flashex Flashlight Review – User Buying Guide

What exactly we should consider when buying a flashlight? There is a ton of them, from the intended purpose to convenience features, and much more. We sampled the key consideration below:

01. Consider the Light Output

Models are designed to give varying light output. There are low, medium, and high light output flashlights depending on the quality or purpose. Light output is measured in lumens and usually indicated on the torch using manual, description, and most at tiles on the flashlight. 

The more the lumen a torch has, the brighter that flashlight is. A flashlight with a light output capacity of 1000 shall be strong and sharper that one with 500 or 200 lumens.

When shopping for a flashlight, ensure to consider the purpose. For short distance day-to-day use, a flashlight with low lumen shall perform just fine while tasks that require more light might necessitate a flashlight with high lumen capacity. 

02. The Type of Battery

The type of battery helps to select flashlight uses is very important to consider before buying. There are basically two types of batteries the many available flashlight models use, that is, the rechargeable and the non-rechargeable batteries. Some models give you both options for total convenience. 

If you are planning to use the flashlight for frequently and for long hours, it is expected to die frequently that a rarely used one. Spending on non-rechargeable cells frequently shall prove expensive over time.

While, we need a flashlight for convenience and plan to use it less frequently for short sessions, the non-rechargeable battery option shall work great. For instance, if anyone need a flashlight for camping, going for one with a non-rechargeable battery option shall be the best.

However, we advise that, although expensive, dual battery flashlights should be the first selection. 

03. Check the Durability

For most, durability is not a factor to dig much into. As long as it goes on, then everything is done. However, professionals in need of ‘military’ quality flashlights know how much a tough, durable torch means. The level of toughness and hence durability shall depend on usability and intentions.

Is it that torch to have standby that time kiddo calls out for help from a monster in the middle of the night? Well, don’t need any tactical-level toughness. Just go for a simple flashlight with fair impact resistance. 

For a professional looking for a tactical flashlight, then you got much work to do. First, check for water resistance, a firefighter, for instance, this is among the key factors to consider. Check its impact resistance capability, and most at times, the manufacturers have certified tests for most of the durability aspects. 

04. Size and Weight

Heavy and big flashlights tend to be more powerful, durable, and hale long-running hours compared to small light ones. This is because a heavy unit caries bigger batteries and has steady material to last longer.

That said, there are times when light smaller flashlights can be ideal, for instance, when we need something portable that shall frequently be using. Consider the weight and size, then choose wisely according to target the purpose.

05. Consider the Budget

No matter how intrigued you are by the quality of selected flashlight; obiviously, budget might come in the way. However, quality flashlights are not necessarily expensive. 

If you need a simple flashlight for home use, there are a lot of cheap and quality options to choose from. However, for tactical flashlights, it has to be consider the budget carefully.

Remember, never compromise the quality and features within budget. After all, what is the use of buying a flashlight that’s going to be more of a problem than a lighting solution? 

06. Security Features & Accessories

Check all whether selected flashlight has a safety strap. If it’s rechargeable, check whether it comes with a charger or not. Check whether the batteries are included, or you shall be needed to buy separately. Check for a pocket clip and a case for easy portability. 

A good flashlight should include handy features and accessories for easy handling. Some might include spares for parts such as waterproof rings. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What features should I consider in a camping flashlight?

Ans: The answer of this question split into two parts. Here we discussed below:

Lumens Capacity 

For camping, all of us need is a flashlight powerful enough to scare away intruders and find the way in the wilderness darkness. However, the minimum lumen that flashlights have is 100 for a good experience when camping, going for a flashlight with 150 – 170 lumens. 

For the best experience, you can use a tactical flashlight for camping. Some flashlights can even get morning egg fried other than just lighting the path. 

As you already know, camping is a rough activity. The flashlight needs to be able to stand the tough environment and activities. For instance, it has to have a good impact resistance in case it falls on the rocks and waterproof in case it slips into the water.

Battery Type 

Camping is expected to be remote. Therefore, access to power shall be hard to actualize. For camping, choose a flashlight that uses a rechargeable battery or at least buy one for yourself. So, in case you’re on the campsite and flashlight runs low; just easily plug it in the vehicle and watch it recharge 

Question: Do lumens matter in a flashlight

Ans: Lumens are something to consider in your select flashlight. Lumen is the unit in which flashlight brightness is measured in. Most flashlights start at 100 lumens with the best going up to 1000+. 

So, the more the lumen capacity a flashlight has, the more the brightness and range of light. Different functions vary in terms of the lumens needed. For instance, a fully tactical flashlight with 1000 lumen shall work best for emergency rescuers such as firefighters but is overly powerful and a waste of value and resources for light domestic purposes.

Question: What is the most powerful flashlight?

Ans: The most powerful flashlight is that which has the highest capacity across specs—one with high lumen capacity, powerful battery, and convenience add-ons. In our review above, there are several powerful flashlights to choose from. 

Question: How many lumens does it take to start a fire?

Ans: With more innovation, some tactical torches can start a fire. The number of lumens it takes to start a fire varies. However, at an average of around 2400 lumens, a fire can light up. 

Question: Which floodlight has the longest throw?

Ans: The throw, that is, the furthest a flashlight can illuminate. It depends on the power and lumen capacity, also, the focus makes a flashlight throw further than it’s the normal range. So, for the longest throw, go for a flashlight with high battery power, lumen capacity, and focus features. 

Question: What kind of flashlight does police use?

Ans: Police use high beam, battery power, and focus flashlight. They are tactical, heavy, and have high impact resistance. They have an average lumen capacity of 1000 lumens. Most of the tactical flashlights reviewed above fit the qualities of a police flashlight. 

Question: Are high lumen flashlights harmful?

Ans: Depending on the manner of handling, high lumen flashlights can be blinding and even cause unwanted fires. It’s this simple. If a flashlight can produce enough energy to fry an egg, then it definitely can burn anything else. 

Research has it in the record that exposure to extreme lights can destroy the retina irreparably. As low as 70 lumens are enough to blind a person in the dark. 

Question: Rechargeable Vs disposable flashlight, which is best?

Ans: Both rechargeable and disposable flashlights have their own relevant uses. For frequently used flashlights, rechargeable batteries are the best. For a flashlight meant for remote use, then a pack of disposable batteries shall be better. The best option is to go for a flashlight with both options.

Wrap It Up

A flashlight is a companion in the dark, a friend in the event of an attack, and much more. Such a companion needs to be the best meant for specific target purpose. For emergency and rigid applications, choose large, heavy flashlights since they last longer and impact resistance.

Light and smaller flashlights work best for day-to-day domestic uses. Check the specks of choice flashlight, for instance, check for water resistance, impact resistance, battery power, battery type, lumen capacity, and much more.

Alternatively, you can check and pick from the already researched list in this review. If you have a plan on shopping physically, going through our Flashex flashlight review shall help to choose more wisely.