Top 10 Best Solar Deck Lights 2024 – Reviews

A lot could go wrong without the best solar deck lights. Groping in the dark, sitting outdoors in the dark, and stumbling upon forgotten items. Not to mention floodlights that tend to pack on more than you can manage.

Now, there are other suitable options like solar powered deck lights to give you beauty and functionality. Like most products, there are tons of solar deck lights out there. But with the information lined up here, you’ll get to choose from the best.


Short List: Best Solar Deck Post Lights

What’s more, your choices are narrowed down to 10 specific products, thereby doing most of the work for you. Products here boast the much-needed style, design, illumination, stability, and much more.

Read on to find out all you can about such lights and the ideal one for you! 

Top Solar Deck Lights Reviews 2024

1. GIGALUMI Multi-purpose Solar Lamp

Best Solar Deck Lights

Everybody could do with a bit of illumination that lights up their paths. Also, it’s perfectly okay to want to save on electricity bills, and at the same time, keep the environment as healthy as possible. You can do these with a product like this solar lamp, whether they’re solely for your deck or the stairs that lead up to them. Further, it makes sense to keep you and your loved ones safe from dangers like falling over or stumbling across forgotten toys and tools. 

Outdoor Decor

Furthermore, these lights help to add to the beauty of your property. With lights brightening up the place, your home is bound to stand out. Think about the effect it will have on your flowerbeds, garden, and other stuff essential to your home. Then there’s the fact that having such lights contributes to the feeling of security you already have. 

12 Solar Light Pieces

Enough to light up your deck stairs, patio yard, and other areas of your home. Just get them well-charged for optimum performance all through the night. 

Green Power

No bills as per electrical charges or wires. Solar-powered lights simply need plenty of sunlight, and switches off or on automatically at dawn and dusk. 


Water can’t get in because it is designed to keep out the rain, snow, ice, and wind. Light will shine through such weather too. 

  • Easy to install 
  • Resistant to inclement weather 
  • Automatic on and off
  • Solar-powered deck lights 
  • Long charging time


2. SUNFACE LED Decorative Deck Lights

Best Solar Deck Lights

Not every solar-powered light comes with a battery. For this product, things are easier around your home, especially if you need lights at all times of the night. For instance, pet owners would find these lights useful, especially if you love walking dogs at night. What’s more, you can take in the beautiful scenery of your home even as the light comes on at dusk. 

Lights on Deck

Perhaps the light bills you pay give you sleepless nights. Well, not anymore because getting these lights certainly means a significant reduction in your bills. Also, you don’t have to step out at night to hit them off or on. 


Many things can go wrong when you want to install solar deck lights. But this item won’t give you such headaches because they come in ready for installation. 

Two Lighting Modes

Whether you want to light your deck, backyard, stair, fence post, or garden, this item does come with changing color patterns. This way, your home is beautiful at night time. 

Durable Material

Solar lights are bought mainly because of how long they last, and their lighting pedigrees. For this deck lights, things are no different. With ABS plastic material, your deck lights will last longer than you imagine. 


Extreme weather can impede a lot of things. But not this deck light. Snow, rain, and other inclement weather won’t ruin it. 

  • Automated lighting system
  • Long-lasting materials 
  • Easy to install
  • Not motion lights 


3. KASUN Super Bright Solar Deck Lights

Best Solar Deck Lights

Walkways tend to be covered in darkness, especially when night falls. Also, it’s difficult to tell what’s lurking, especially if your property has Many plants and other greenery. So, it’s best to illuminate your paths with a trusted source like this product. Further, they are apt for patio stairs, and other areas of your home. Also, you’ll need a lot of charging efficiency with other products. But this one is rather straightforward with normal lights even when the sun doesn’t shine much. Your outdoor will have a splendid look, and you can’t help but be satisfied with the atmosphere these lights create. 

Automated Switches

With access to direct sunlight, your lights can go for a while yet. Also, you can sit back and relax because the automated switch means it automatically comes on at night and goes off during the day. 


Getting a product you’re going to dispense with after a short while doesn’t bode well for you. An item like this is perfect because of the supreme steel composition, which enables it to shut out snow. Other inclement weather like rain, wind, and ice won’t damage it. 


Installation couldn’t be any easier! Wires are kept out of sight while stated methods of installation are easy to follow. Then there’s the fact that tools like screws are easy to fit. On the whole, it will improve safety and add beauty. 

  • Easy to install 
  • It is durable 
  • Automatic lighting on/off
  • Non-adjustable brightness 


4. AMEI All-in-one Solar Deck Lights

Best Solar Deck Lights

Stepping into the dark to take out the trash, go for a swim, or walk your pet doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. For these activities, you want something reliable, like an outdoor deck light to shine on everything. You’ll have little chances of anything going wrong when you can see all that’s before you. What’s more, this product from AMEI provides ample security to your home and gives off the feel of a well-decorated property. Decks, patios, gardens, fences, and other areas benefit from the glowing light this product gives off. 

Rechargeable Battery

Like most solar-powered lights, this product uses a battery that you can charge by positioning the panel at angles where direct sunlight can reach it. 


Nature can be ruinous, especially with outdoor items. But this item doesn’t bow to wet or rainy conditions, which makes it waterproof. Yet, you shouldn’t test this fact by intentionally immersing the product into water. 

Switches Automatically

When it’s night, you’ll notice the AMEI immediately turns on and illuminates your property. So, from dusk to dawn, you have your gardens, patios, and even pool sides, bright and easy to see. 


Setting it up is pretty easy since it involves no use of wires. You simply screw it on the chosen surface and let it get to work. 

  • Automatic switch on/off
  • Easy installation process 
  • Waterproof from wet conditions 
  • Fantastic for decoration 
  • Rust from over-exposure 


5. Garden Sunlight Greenlighting Deck Lights

Best Solar Deck Lights

Sooner rather than later, you’re going to need some illumination around your house. Well, you can get these lights with 4 pack solar-powered LED lamps to make night times beautiful. Also, they are quite versatile and will fit just about anywhere you want to install them. For instance, your decks, patio, pathway, and fence could do with these lights. 


You don’t need to infuse external wires to draw electric current to it. Solar energy from the sun is all you need. So, get those panels fixed at strategical areas of your home and watch the lights come on at night! After you’ve turned them on once, you don’t need to bother about them anymore. 


In case you’re wondering how to get it fixed onto an area around your house, it’s not much of an issue to install. Simply follow the instructions, and you’re good to go. 


Batteries are rechargeable and should they have issues; you can take them out and replace them. However, they do generate bright lights through the night, especially when charged for long periods. 


The materials are sturdy enough, but you don’t want to expose them for too long. Well, it’s good value for money, especially if you consider other alternatives out there that don’t measure up. 

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  • Automatic lighting mechanism 
  • Brings added beauty 
  • The installation process is easy
  • May not last long
  • Loses quality over time 


6. Siedinlar Waterproof Solar Lights

Best Solar Deck Lights

As far as the best solar deck post lights go, Siedinlar is a go-to choice for most. A design that’s as beautiful and, at the same time, functional is a huge draw. Further, it will complement any home as well as fit into any location. For instance, your poolside could benefit from its elegant frame and lights while you can be comfortable in your garden, patio, and deck with the lights. Also, light up your paths so that you, your friends, and loved ones don’t have to grope in the dark or feel less secure. 

Pressure Resistant

Lights can get damaged. While the Siedinlar is no exception, you’ll find that it does keep the pressure at bay. Up to 20 tons of weight won’t damage it, including cars running over it and people stepping on it. 


Since they are basically for the outdoors, it makes sense that they’re weatherproof. Rains, blizzard, humidity, and other weather conditions won’t get to it. 


Strong stuff. Thanks to the aluminium material used, they can be used under all kinds of outdoor conditions meaning they’re likely to last twice as long. 

Usage and Installation

Simply charge and turn on. From this point, the light comes on and goes off at dusk and dawn. No need to continually go over to some switch to put it on. 

  • Long-lasting and pressure-resistant 
  • Easy to use
  • Resistant to water 
  • Elegantly designed materials
  • Needs much direct sunlight


7. iThird Solar Step Deck Lights

Best Solar Deck Lights

iThird solar steps, decks, and posts lights are designed to give you a decorative feel coupled with the illumination you definitely want. So, what makes them a great buy? Materials that are strong enough to last a while, including stainless steel and ABS.

Also, the solar lights work for many hours as long as you have them fitted at places where they benefit from maximum sunlight. 


A seamless installation is much-welcome any day of the week. As such, these lights don’t give much stress. Then there’s the fact that installing it involves no wires. All you have are screws included and directions on how to install your solar lights.

This way, you’re safe in the knowledge that trips won’t occur. Your decks, stairs, paths, and fence will have a remarkable glow. Also, you could potentially use them as accent lights for either your lawns or garage. 


You do need a functional battery, and the iThird solar light comes with one. As such, the daylight color it emits over the space you install it is maintained. More so, they are rechargeable so that optimum power is generated, especially from vantage sunlight positions. 

On the whole, the elegant design, energy-saving abilities, and longer working time mean it is a great buy for any home needing illumination at night. Add the automatic on and off feature, and it’s a keeper. 

  • Simple installation process 
  • Auto-off and on
  • Works for a long stretch 
  • It is durable
  • Not entirely weatherproof 


8. JACKYLED Solar Deck Lights With Larger Battery

Best Solar Deck Lights

If you’ve got a rather dull environment, thanks to nighttime darkness, then you need some deck lights. Some would argue that such lights only add a touch of decoration, but that’s not the case. Security and safety are vital.

As such, the JACKYLED stands out. Further, it’s suitable for a number of places, including steps, fences, pathways, and even porch stairs. Whether you want to install it flatly or vertically on any surface, it does have that versatility. All you have to do is ensure the screws are fitted. 


When installing this light, there are no wires involved, and you don’t need an external source of electricity. For instance, if you prefer to have it on your decks, have the panel placed where it receives direct sunlight before mounting the lights. 

Automatic On/Off

After charging your lights for a while, you can on them at full charge so that they illuminate your property. What’s more, they can go on for up to 10 hours after coming on at dusk. And at dawn, they go off. Switches are automatically programmed. 


For solar lights, they must stand the test of time. At least, they have to be resistant to some weather conditions that might otherwise ruin them. However, this product is weatherproof and keeps out the wind, ice, rain, and snow. Thanks to very strong PC material. 

  • Resistant to weather conditions 
  • Installation is straightforward 
  • Great value for money 
  • Can wear off 


9. JSOT Solar-Powered S.Steel Decorative Lights

Best Solar Deck Lights

Lights are necessary, particularly if you’ve got too much darkness impeding your view. Also, it doesn’t make sense to have all-around your home dark without lights to illuminate your way. Potential hazards like stumbling and falling could prove disastrous.

So, getting a light like the JSOT variety could do more to keep your surroundings safe and secure. What’s more, it could fit a range of places, including gardens, lawns, paths, decks, and porches. 


Depending on what you want, these lights can be screwed on many surfaces. Also, you can use tapes to stock them on a flat surface. So, this way, they receive plenty of light directly from the sun. More so, wires are not a big part of the installation process. Bill payments certainly don’t figure much after installing JSOT solar lights. 

Automatic Workings

Whether you have them on your deck or walkway, the sensors make it easy with auto function. Light simply goes on at dusk and goes off at dawn. Further, it’s a big plus for the environment since the energy generated is clean and natural. 

Waterproof Material

With materials like stainless steel and poly-crystalline silicon, this is one product that can shut out inclement weather like rain. Also, it can go on for more years when properly used. Your outdoor atmosphere will benefit greatly from lights that give your home a blissful look. 

  • Waterproof makeup and design 
  • Dual mounting light options 
  • Free from electric wires 
  • Soaked-in water damages battery 


10. Happybuy Waterproof Solar Powered Deck Lights

Sometimes you want a solar light that offers some versatility. For instance, driving into your property and having only your car lights to illuminate the driveway could be stressful. What to do? Get some actual solar-powered deck light like the Happybuy brand to give your home a pristine look and feel.

If you want high efficiency while charging, and during nightfall, this could be the ideal light for you. Further, inclement weather is part of the drill, but it’s waterproof and built with sturdy materials to shut water out. 

Installation Process

If ever there was a much easier solar-powered deck light to install, this is it. Whether this is on your driveway, deck, or path, you can make use of screws and glues. Also, such areas need to have direct contact with the sunlight. 

No Electric Wires

Solar lights mean you won’t have to deal with too many wires. You simply get the high-efficiency panels up and running after charging for at least 6 hours. Green energy is natural and definitely keeps the environment safe and healthy. 

Durable Material

Rains and other humid conditions mean this product is under threat. But with an aluminium frame, it can deal with a lot of pressure, including from rain and the weight of a car or truck. 

Automatic Lighting

After you put it on the first time, it turns on and off automatically. 

  • Durable pressure-resistant material 
  • Awesome lighting effect 
  • Simple installation process 
  • Keeps water out
  • Over-exposure causes damage 


Take a look at the following infographic for the top 5 picks in 2024:

Solar Deck Light Infographic

What are the Solar Deck Lights

As the name implies, these are lights that draw their power from the sun. Sunlight is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient way to generate light for your decks, porches, stairs, posts, fences, driveways, and other parts of your home.

Further, they come with durable solar panels that are attached to them and exposed to direct sunlight. Some of these panels charge for a long time, while others are relatively short. But it depends on the type of products. 

When sunlight is collected, it is converted to electricity and contained in a battery, which is often replaceable. At dusk, your solar-powered deck lights simply come on thanks to the auto feature most products have.

Then at dawn, they go off. When fully charged, expect the lights to shine brighter and for longer hours. 

Regarding the types of solar deck lights, there are quite a few out there. What separates them is design, but they ultimately work in the same way. For instance, they have solar panels, batteries, and lights.

Different brands vary, and the construction they use to set things up. What’s more, each brand has special features that set them apart. 

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The Best Solar Deck Lights User Buying Consideration: Must Known Facts

Solar Deck Lights

Buying a solar light is more than a great initiative or investment; it’s a great life choice. Your immediate environment stands a lot to gain as well as the world at large since such lights are eco-friendly.

With the work experiencing a decline caused by greenhouse emissions and other degrading systems, it’s time to look at alternative sources of power. 

Furthermore, getting these solar deck lights is a cost-effective one-time solution. Most times, you only have to replace batteries and other maintenance processes over time. However, its sure beats parting with huge sums in the name of electric bills.

In all, solar lights bring a convenience you’ll like. But it’s great to put certain factors into consideration before ordering and installing one. Check them out. 

1. Your Purpose for Having one

Are you getting a solar deck light because your neighbors have a couple of them? Do you need more decorative items around your home or simply want to get rid of the darkness around your property?

Also, do you just want lights for your pathways, fences, pool areas, driveways, and more? When you figure out why you need one, then it’s easier going through the product review to find what suits your needs. 

Furthermore, there are lights made for different parts of your home. Keep in mind that solar deck lights are mostly suited for outdoor purposes. So, areas like your gardens and lawns could receive much-needed needed illumination to showcase their beauty.

In addition, these lights are perfect to light up a lot of ground, especially for security purposes. You can walk through your property, feeling safe from intruders or hitting something stationary in the dark. 

2. Weather Conditions

If you’re living in an area that experiences more rainfall, snow, and icy conditions, it makes more sense to consider how they can impact your solar lights. So, having the best deck lights (Solar Powered) in worst weather conditions is a recipe for disaster.

Admittedly, some of the solar-powered lights are water/weatherproof. But if there’s poor sunshine, you won’t get the illumination you want. 

Some lights have dim modes or use just enough light during the night. However, consider how the weather is going to affect the solar lights you decide to buy. 

3. The Cost

Whenever you want to buy any product, price is an important factor to consider. So, what’s your budget? What are you willing to part with in order to get any of the solar lights reviewed here?

Costs range from the cheap to the expensive. You’ll ultimately have to pay so you might as well study the products before making a decision.

What’s more, you can plan ahead. For example, if you live in a sunny area, a somewhat cheap solar light will do just fine.

On the flip side, for damp areas with not enough sun, you might have to fork out more money. 

4. Personal Preferences

You need a solar light that fits your profile. As such, consider how bright you want the light to be, how far-reaching it should go, and the other perks like automatic on/off features.

Also, something strong or sturdy is important, particularly if the lights are going to your driveway and garage. Pathway, yards, gardens, and decks require different levels of illumination.

So, depending on where you want them stationed, figure checking their lighting capabilities and charging times. 

5. Where to Place the Lights


Indoors or outdoors? As you know, solar lights can be modified to fit indoors. The panels will get placed outside while the lamps are stationed indoors in places like staircases, and even ceilings.

But to do this, you need to have a rather large space and also get proper solar lights since they won’t work as well indoors. 

For outdoor use, you’ve got many solar lights fit for decks, pathways, posts, and fences. Place them where they’re most needed, get the most sun, and make your home look great. 

6. After Sales Services

Brands often do their best to help buyers install their products properly. So, you should always consider how they treat people. Also, they should be trustworthy and reliable with current information about how their products work.

Things like replaceable parts and features go a long way. 

Other things you might want to consider include charging times, working hours, and easy process of installation. A deck light that doesn’t go on for at least over 5 hours should be shunned.

Further, how they react to the weather especially during rain and snowstorms is important 

7. Lifespan

Most solar lights use lithium-ion batteries to store electric power. But they last for only a couple of years, and you might have to pay for new ones. So, look out for the brand, products, and things that affect lifespan. 

Most Searched Queries about Best Deck Lights (Solar Powered)

Questions are necessary, especially when you don’t have the answers to certain things, their purposes, and how stuff works in general. Here are some of the most searched questions about solar deck lights. 

1. Are solar deck lights weatherproof/waterproof?

Ans: Yes. Most of them are and have to be because they’re largely designed to function outdoors. In line with that, it doesn’t make sense to leave them totally exposed to inclement weather like rain and icy conditions.

As such, when buying any solar deck light, ensure it’s waterproof. 

Another thing to consider is how you use them. Leaving them overly exposed to such weather can cause issues to the batteries, and the materials will wear off. Then there’s the fact that with your solar light spoiled, your home is plunged back into darkness.

Follow the instructions provided so that you can enjoy your deck light properly. 

2. What are the most-trusted solar deck light brands?

Ans: Deck lights make up a vast section of the solar-powered lights markets. But like most products, some are simply better than others. Think about the high-quality, durability, and reliability of some products, and some brands really stuck out.

So, going back to the product reviews, you’ll notice some of them have these features. For instance, the GIGALUMI, JACKYLED, Siedinlar, and others in this guide, are proven to bank on. 

Furthermore, you can consider brands that meet your requirements or matches your personality. Each of them packs its own price, features, cons, and cones. So, it’s up to you to pick a trusted brand to buy from. 

3. Do solar deck lights function when it snows?

Ans: Short answer, yes. Of course, they’re mostly weatherproof, meaning they get to go through different weather conditions ranging from soft to extreme. So, snow and sleet count as snowy conditions which solar deck lights are designed to function in.

What’s more, when buying one, it’s good to study the things it is capable of, the sturdy nature of the material, etc. 

Since most of them get to go on your decks, pathways, posts, and fences, they should easily adapt to all weather types, including snow. 

4. How to Install and use solar lights?

Ans: Drawing up a budget for solar lights is one thing. When you get them, you want to make sure they are properly installed so that they last for a long while yet. In line with that, most brands have easy to install products.

All you have to do is pay enough attention to the user manual before you set them up. Follow the steps there, and you’re good to go! You’ll probably set the lights up within seconds as most of them only require screws to fasten them against objects. 

5. Where are the best places to buy solar-powered lights?

Ans: For something not as new, there are many places to get good deck lights. Value is important, so you can look at a couple of home depots, supply stores, and much more. Then there’s the fact that you can get the best deals directly from the brands.

All you have to do is look them up online, especially on sites like Amazon, so that you can get the best. For instance, the reviews above will point you out to quality products, what people think about them, and their prices. 

6. How can I care and maintain my solar deck lights?

Ans: Solar lights do not usually come with hard and fast rules to take care of them. However, most brands insert valuable information on how to care for them. Always take such information seriously so that you don’t damage your lights.

For instance, most products are waterproof. But you shouldn’t immerse them in water to check that. 

7. What are the benefits of outdoor solar lighting?

Ans: Solar Lighting comes with many benefits. Firstly, they are easy to install because they don’t require any wiring or external sources of power. Secondly, they ensure that you won’t part with more money for electricity bills.

More so, with fewer power cords moving around, you’re safer moving on your grounds. Also, they’re great around your swimming pools and garage. Thirdly, they add beauty and security to your home. 

8. How long does solar deck lighting last?

Ans: A closer look at some of the products on review will give you an idea as to how long they last. Further, some of these lights come with rechargeable batteries should you want to swap worn-out ones.

Also, some LED light bulbs can go on for more than 100,000 hours without being replaced. On the whole, those with rechargeable batteries could reach two years with proper care and maintenance. 

Amazing Deck Lighting Ideas

Final Words

Solar deck lights can go in quite a number of places. Beauty, security, and illumination are some considerations why you should get them. Also, it’s the way to go because the world is crying out for more energy-efficient alternatives as light sources. 

While you’re doing your bit for nature, you can get the best solar deck lights to set your home apart. As such, pay close attention to the reviews here and vital information to help you pick the right set of deck lights.

With several considerations to ponder and questions you may have, this guide goes all out to help you figure everything out. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get those deck lights immediately!  Also, take a look at these interesting choices: