8 Best Duracell Quantum 2024 Review – Top Picks

In today’s electronic world, finding a steadfast energy source is very important, so we need a set of powerful batteries such as the Duracell brand. Here in the following article, we are going to give you a complete ultimate Duracell Quantum Review.

Today, from remote controls and clocks to toys and thermostats, the battery is the unsung hero that gives life to many devices we utilize daily. Even though rechargeable batteries have been a reality for a long time in all types of electronic devices.

Moreover, batteries are still essential for a large number of other consumer electronics solutions. And logically, in this sector, we find theoretically large capacity batteries such as Duracell.

Best Duracell Quantum Batteries 


The Best Duracell Quantum Review 2024

Low capacity batteries are those that we can buy in a supermarket at much more competitive prices. The question is, is it worth paying for the more expensive “brand” batteries? Let us check out the following Duracell Quantum Review

1. Duracell Quantum Hi-Density Core Technology AA Alkaline Batteries – Long Lasting

Duracell Quantum Review

If you are looking for long-lasting batteries for your gadgets, we recommend buying these Duracell Quantum and Rechargeable Batteries, large and functional options that will provide long-lasting power in all your devices.

Quantum Lasts up to 18 Times Longer

It has a High-Density Core that provides long-lasting energy. With exclusive PowerCheck™ load meter. 10 years of guaranteed storage. The new Duracell Quantum AA and AAA batteries have become a great option to have at home. 

Innovative High-density Core Technology

Its innovative high-density core technology uses a unique formulation of ingredients to store more energy within the same battery size, making it last up to 18 times longer than ordinary batteries. 

Unique Charge Meter

They have a unique charge meter that lets you instantly know the power level of the battery. They are ideal for use in devices with high energy demand: toys, video game controls, baby monitors, flash for cameras, flashlights, etc.

Buy them in a unique presentation of 16 AA pieces and 16 AAA pieces.


Using these batteries, you will never say “no longer has a battery”. With Duracell rechargeable batteries and chargers, you’ll forget about changing batteries and focus on the better things in life.

Switch to the rechargeable power supply and spend more time playing your games or enjoying your children’s favorite remote control car powered by a powerful rechargeable battery. 

Full of Energy

Do not run out of battery; no matter where you are, your electronic devices will always be full of energy. It can recharge 2 or 4 batteries at the same time and with an LED charge indicator, you will know when it is complete.

Buy them in the presentations of 6 AA batteries plus 2 AAA batteries with charger included, 6 pieces AA, and 6 pieces AAA.

  • High-density core technology
  • Fully protected devices
  • Long-lasting
  • A trusted brand
  • We didn’t get any complain yet


2. Duracell 9V High Quality Quantum Alkaline Batteries

Duracell Quantum Review


How important it is to have alkaline batteries at home! We use them for everything: lamps, toys, remote controls and even to turn on the boiler. They are also very useful at any time of emergency or eventuality.

To help you meet that need, we recommend these 9V Duracell Quantum Alkaline Batteries that offer incredible performance.

Duralock Power Preserve

They work with any NiMH battery charger. It’s Duralock Power Preserve technology allows a charge to last up to one year in storage. 50% longer charge. You can charge it up to 400 times

Duracell, 9V Rechargeable Batteries 2 Pieces

Keep your gadgets always working with Duracell ® Quantum and Duracell ® Rechargeable batteries perfect for use in lamps, cameras, toys, remote controls, speakers, baby monitors, and much more.

Specially Designed

These batteries are specially designed to use them in smoke detectors, garage door openers, and more.

Super Square Design

These batteries are designed with 9 Volt Square shape. You can find these types of batteries in any market and they can be simple or rechargeable, you can also count on these batteries because of the brand.

Multi-purpose Use

Duracell 9V batteries offer reliable and long-lasting power for all types of devices such as smoke detectors, flashlights, toys, remote controls, and much more.

9 Volt Rechargeable Batteries

Cutting-edge technology is designed specifically for today’s high-tech devices with the highest consumption, such as digital cameras, PDAs, handheld games, and portable audio equipment. It can be loaded hundreds of times and held for up to six months.

  • Cost-effective
  • Super powerful
  • Worth the investment
  • Some users have received old batteries


3. Duracell Quantum 9V – Unbeatable Long-lasting Power 6 Pax Alkaline Batteries

Duracell Quantum Review


Duracell is one of the leaders in manufacturing high power performance alkaline quantum batteries. They are a leader in making rechargeable batteries.

They are making such batteries since the 1940s and today it has become an energy trusted brand with its long-lasting and compact-sized batteries.

Great Versatility

Duracell Alkaline batteries are one of the most popular batteries on the market. They are the most common due to their great versatility, adapting to all types of sizes.

Also, they are distinguished from other types of traditional options because, although they have the same voltage (ability to generate energy so that the appliances work) and size as these, these batteries last 4 to 9 times longer.


The advantage of using alkaline batteries over traditional options is that thanks to their longer life, we will not have to replace them as often. Due to their composition, all spent batteries are extremely harmful to the environment and we have to be very careful about how we dispose of them.

The consumption of batteries in our day-to-day is irremediable but, if we use more efficient options, we will be consuming fewer resources and we run less risk of disposing of these materials incorrectly.

Safer to Use

One of the advantages of Duracell Quantum alkaline batteries is that they are safer to use. Also, they last 4 to 9 times longer than batteries with other compositions.

They have up to double the accumulated energy. Although we must dispose of them carefully, their components are less harmful to the environment. They can be recycled.

  • Great performance
  • Long-lasting
  • High-density core technology
  • Worth investment
  • Compact design
  • Super powerful
  • Some users complained about its poor quality


4. Duracell AAA Quantum Batteries for Household and Business – 8 Count

Duracell Quantum Review


We will recommend these batteries. These rechargeable batteries come with AAA. 

AAA Battery

The size directly below standard. It also has a voltage of 1.5 V but its diameter is quite smaller. More and more remote controls use this type of battery of a much more comfortable size than AA.

If you want to bet on a quality brand at the best price, we recommend the Duracell alkaline battery simply AAA.

Power Monitoring Feature

These Duracell AAA Quantum batteries have a power monitoring feature so that you can easily check how much power is left in the batteries by pressing two simple buttons.

Super Performance

Duracell batteries are a giant leap in the field of battery power. It has a radical advancement in the technology of battery as it is the perfect combination of PowerCheck and Hi-Density Core technologies.

Duracell AAA Quantum batteries are one of the top-rated (5-star rated) products on the internet. It offers a powerful performance as it is designed with top-rated C.R. which is a powerful endorsement.

No Loss of Energy for 10 Years

These are one of the most advanced batteries by the Duracell brand. If you will keep them in storage, they will last guaranteed 10 years. Its currents are known as supercurrents since they do not have energy losses.

They’re persuaded, not only by a wave function differences but also by a voltage, that is related directly to the mater wave nature. In a way that quantum devices are able to provide a persistent stage and differences can be easily seen as a quantum phase stack.

That persuades supercurrents in a quantum circuit. If you are looking for high-performance long-lasting batteries, we recommend buying this model. These batteries will not let you down.

  • Long life
  • Multi-purpose
  • Triple-A best for home and business
  • Full capacity
  • Short battery life


5. Duracell Top D Multipurpose Batteries with Exclusive Power Check Feature

Duracell Quantum Review


Duralock Energy Conservation Technology

This Duracell Top D Multipurpose Batteries are designed with Duralock energy conservation technology. First of all, a battery is a device that stores chemical energy and converts it into electrical energy.

There are primary ones, which have non-reversible chemical reactions, that is, they do not recharge. Secondary cells are based on reversible chemical reactions. These are recharged thanks to a charger that is connected to the electrical current.

A Trusted Brand

Duracell is one of the leaders and trusted brands in the field of quantum batteries so you can completely count on this product. One of the best things about these batteries is that you can easily check the power level of the battery using its PowerCheck function and it works accurately.

D Alkaline Battery

This is one of the batteries that is designed with Hi-Density Core technology that offers a great power booster. 

Power Check

It gives peace of mind as you can check its power by pressing two buttons on the battery. Thus, you can know easily how long these batteries will work. 

Multi-purpose Uses

Duracell Top D Multipurpose Batteries is compatible with video games, remote control toys, flashlights, and many more devices. Duracell batteries can protect your devices from any damaging leaks. 

A variety of Sizes are Available

Quantum Duracell batteries are available in various sizes such as AA, AAA, D, C, 9V so you need to go anywhere. It does not matter which size support your device, you will surely get it on Duracell.

  • Core block technology that offers long life
  • In storage, it lasts up to 10 years
  • Duralock energy technology
  • You can check its energy level
  • Does not last long


6. Duracell Quantum Hi-Density Core Technology C Batteries – Long lasting

Duracell Quantum Review


If you are looking for reliable and long-lasting performance batteries, you should not miss buying this set of batteries offered by Duracell. It is a good value for money. 

Strongest Quantum Battery

Did you know that Duracell Quantum C is one of the super-strong batteries? You can use it easily at work and/or home for emergencies. It features Duralock technology which offers a battery life of 10 years. 

Most Advanced Batteries

This is one of the world’s most advanced Duracell Quantum Alkaline Batteries which is based on Powercheck and Block Core technology. This is the only high-tech batteries powered with power boosters.

If you are looking for long-lasting high-power batteries, we recommend going with Duracell Quantum C Batteries.

Duralock Power Preserve

They work with any NiMH battery charger. It’s Duralock Power Preserve technology allows a charge to last up to one year in storage. 50% longer charge. You can charge it up to 400 times

Multi-purpose Use

Duracell 9V batteries offer reliable and long-lasting power for all types of devices such as smoke detectors, flashlights, toys, remote controls, and much more.

A Trusted Brand

Duracell has been in the market for decades and it is well-known for its high-quality products. This is the big brand you can count on. It does not matter what is the situation, Duracell is the battery, you can trust.

  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Super performance
  • Compatible to most of the devices
  • Based on the Powercheck feature 
  • Quite expensive


7. Duracell QU1300B5TBCD Alkaline Batteries D size

Duracell Quantum Review


Duracell Alkaline D Size batteries are the most common of the non-rechargeable batteries. This composition, which uses zinc as the anode and manganese dioxide (MnO2) as the cathode, is present in any size of the cylindrical cell.

Since it obtains its energy from the chemical reaction of these two compounds, it should be kept at a maximum temperature of 25 ºC. High temperatures speed up chemical reactions while low temperatures slow them down, minimizing power loss over time.

And if you were thinking of putting them in the fridge to delay their loss of power, go get that idea out of your head. Manufacturers do not recommend it.

Power Check

This battery has the feature of a power check that gives you peace of mind. You can easily check the remaining power by pressing two buttons given on the battery. So, you can know when you need to put them in charge.

Innovative High-density Core Technology

It has a High-Density Core that provides long-lasting energy. With exclusive PowerCheck™ load meter. 10 years of guaranteed storage. The new Duracell Quantum AA and AAA batteries have become a great option to have at home. 

Its innovative high-density core technology uses a unique formulation of ingredients to store more energy within the same battery size, making it last up to 18 times longer than ordinary batteries. 

Top Brand

Duracell is the only brand in the field of quantum batteries. They also offer a power-check feature on the battery and also deliver long-lasting unbeatable performance. 

Multi-purpose Use

Duracell D size battery is compatible with GPS devices, video game controllers, remote control, and much more. It gives long-lasting power to all your devices. 

  • Last longer
  • Power check feature
  • Powerful performance
  • Some customers received dead batteries


8. Duracell Quantum Industrial and Military Applications AAA Batteries, 6-Count

Duracell Quantum Review


With an indium arsenide core and aluminum superconductors at its poles, Duracell has manufactured a battery that may be key to some quantum technologies. that generates a supercurrent that is not persuaded by a voltage, since in classic batteries, but by a phase variance in the quantum circuit.

Multi-purpose Use

Duracell AAA Quantum batteries today are very useful in our daily lives. They are used in flashlights, remote controls, watches, calculators, cell phones, and a host of devices.

Therefore, we must take into account that poor handling ends up with very waste. dangerous, which are commonly left adrift once their useful life ends. 


A battery stores electrical charge previously produced by a generator, and loses its electrical charge constantly over time, whether it is used or not. Now this battery can be recharged as many times as necessary until its structure degrades from use.

Leak and Corrosion-proof

These Duracell AAA 12 units batteries and designed in such a way that it does not leak and also corrosion proof so do not worry if you will be using them for years without any issues.

If you can compromise with the budget for the super-powered batteries, we recommend buying this set of Duracell Quantum batteries which will give you peace of mind as these batteries are one of the popular choices for most customers.

Also, it is ideal for military and industrial applications.

  • Corrosion and leak proof
  • Best for military and industrial applications
  • Powerful performance
  • Long-lasting
  • Not reported any


Duracell Quantum Review – Buying Considerations

Duracell Quantum Batteries

If you are going to buy batteries, we leave you some aspects which you will notice. It is usual that we only look at the price and that the model matches the one that the appliance or toy needs but it is not the only important or definitive thing. 

Stack Size

It is obvious that you must pay attention to this. It will not be the same to use an AA battery, the most common than a slightly smaller AAA. Or a C, something thicker and shorter than the previous ones. In that case, look at its size. 

Loading Capacity

If you are going to buy rechargeable batteries, we must look at the load capacity that it indicates. The higher the capacity, the longer it will normally take to recharge your battery. That cycle will last longer. You will normally see the charging capacity indicated by “mAh”. 


As we have explained in previous paragraphs if you are going to buy rechargeable batteries, not all are the same and the composition varies. Based on the indications and differences, choose the one you think is the most convenient. 

A Number of Recharge Cycles

Normally, it will be indicated on the product sheet or, at least, an estimated number. NiMH batteries usually last between 1,000 and 1,500 charge cycles so they will last two or three years. 

Pre-charged Batteries

If you are traveling and you buy batteries because you need them for your camera, for example, it is useful to see if they are already pre-charged. Rechargeable batteries usually need to be in the socket before starting to be used so this option can be useful. 

Battery Chargers

If you have decided to buy rechargeable batteries, you should also buy a charger that is compatible. A safe bet is to buy them together. In other words, buy rechargeable batteries with their charger in the same package and you will know that they are fully compatible.

But you can also buy chargers. When buying battery chargers we should take into account a series of factors: Battery composition: As we have said, the composition of rechargeable batteries varies. Make sure the charger is compatible. 

Normally the most common is the NiMH chargers that you will find at many prices. A number of loading holes. How many batteries can you load in the slots at once?

We will find them in two but it is best to have at least four different slots for rechargeable batteries, although there are also eight, twelve, or eighteen slots as you need. 

Compatible Sizes

Most are compatible with both AA and AAA batteries but take a good look at choosing one model or another. 


It is essential when it comes to knowing how long we will have to wait. They are usually much more expensive if they are faster but much more recommended if we are always in a hurry and want to have it ready. 

Charge Indicator

It is much easier to know when the process has finished if the device you buy has a screen with a charge indicator. Most of these models include a small screen where we will see the progress of the battery in each of the holes as if it were the mobile.

Throw-away or Rechargeable?

Rechargeable batteries are usually more recommended if you are going to buy a type that is very common and that it is always convenient to have on hand, as is the case of AA and AAA. For example, we always have in controls or in any electronic device.

If it is a less common and specific model, it will not be worth betting on recharging or investing more in a charger, etc. Whether you buy one or the other will depend on the uses you want to give it.

In the event that you choose to buy disposable batteries, it is best to use alkaline batteries because they have better performance than saline ones, which are in disuse although cheaper.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – Duracell Quantum Review

Duracell Quantum battery

Here we have answered some of the tops frequently asked questions. So, it will be helpful to clear your doubts related to batteries.

Q. What should I look at in quality batteries?

Ans: The first thing you should know if you still do not have much idea about this topic is what to look for in order to buy good quality batteries. The first thing is to see if they are rechargeable or not. 

Although this characteristic is the biggest difference, it is very important to also check the capacity they have, this is expressed in mAh (Milliamps/hour), this number tells us how much power the battery can store.

They will only make it clear to us that the battery will have more life before discharging if not that we will be able to obtain more energy from it. 

Q. What kind of rechargeable batteries to buy?

Ans: When we focus on rechargeable batteries, apart from discovering a large number of brands that we will talk about below, we usually find the pre-charged ones, somewhat more expensive and the normal ones, with a more reasonable price. 

In the first point, we might think that the price for the preloaded ones is not worth it if we do not have a major problem in loading them before using them.  But it is important to know that this is not the case.

Pre-charged batteries use a different technology than normal ones that allow them to lose much less charge in long periods of inactivity. That is a real advantage over the rest, therefore, the somewhat higher price is usually very justified.

Q. How to improve battery life?

Ans: This is a question that every photographer with a certain journey has ever asked himself since some batteries are obviously dying, storing less charge, and others last a year and seem to retain the same capacity as at the beginning. 

In this aspect, we can distinguish two factors: the quality of the battery and the charger we use to recharge its batteries. The first is simple, brands such as Panasonic and Fujitsu offer batteries of quality and with a longer useful life than the cheaper brands and with less travel. 

In the second point, we find something more complex: it is really important to use a good battery charger. This does not mean a fast one. In fact, it often means the opposite, since there are several types of chargers on the market and the simplest and fastest recharging usually does not offer the best results in the long run.

Q. How to use rechargeable batteries?

Ans: We all know how to use batteries, they are simply placed with the correct polarity, here however we are going to add three really useful little tips so that you can put your rechargeable batteries to good use: 

  1. Carrying batteries well stored is something important and that many people forget. 
  2. They sell cases for batteries quite cheap and they do not do it for anything, if you carry the batteries in a messy pocket, the poles of some may collide with those of another and this discharges them quickly, although it seems somewhat difficult it is more frequent than you think, so it’s always a good idea to have a good carrying case.
  3. Unloading the batteries before charging them and fully charging them is still necessary even after switching to Ni-Mh, compared to the old Ni-Cd. They hardly lose their maximum charge by charging them when they are not fully discharged, but they still lose a little.

So, it is important that we have our batteries well discharged before charging them.  Finally, always remember to remove the batteries when you are not going to use them for a few days, not doing so can discharge the battery and be harmful to the device or even to the battery itself.


Duracell Quantum Battery gives one of the kind quantum leaps in the power. Today, it is one of the batteries that offer Hi-Density Core technology that features more and more power boosters.

However, you can completely count on this battery in many devices such as video game controllers, remote control, flashlights, toys, and much more. Moreover, one of the best things about the Duracell is that it is the only alkaline battery that comes with a power indicator.

So, you can easily check how much power is left in the batteries. After going through this entire Duracell Quantum Review, we are sure, now you will be able to buy Duracell batteries easily. The conclusions were therefore not very definitive: if we need batteries for devices in which a certain guarantee is necessary.

For example, a helicopter by radio control – we should bet on the Duracell, but for remote controls that we use occasionally, the cheap batteries are perfectly functional.